FLANNEL MOUTH Unveil Second Album Teaser

More excitement and anticipation is emitting from Camp Flannel Mouth this morning, as the band releases its second teaser, entitled “Mr. Black,” which can be seen above. Reprising the a cappella vocals and southern stomp from last week’s teaser, Mr. Black is the second character, accompanying the Prisoner of The Prisoner’s Cinema to whom we have been introduced.

Mr. Black, played by drummer, Tyler Owen, is observed reaching for a decanter of scotch, forgoing a glass, and brooding on the things weighing heavily in his mind. After swirling the whisky a few times and proceeding to take a couple gulps, he replaces the decanter next to a revolver and a lone bullet. The bullet is inserted, the chamber is spun, and Mr. Black gives us one more look, showing his discontentment and acceptance that his fate isn’t up to him anymore, and then…black. But the visuals return with Mr. Black holding the gun, drinking once more from his decanter to wallow in his dejection.
The conclusion of Mr. Black’s struggles is met with a new riff, upbeat with lively trumpets and bright organs, suggesting that there is perhaps a bright future for Mr. Black after all. Vocalist, Luke Myers, notes,

“Fate is a funny thing, is it not? Let’s all listen. Let’s all hear what happens

And we are again treated to the blood-spattered album artwork, release date, and the SwitchBitch Records stamp of quality.

Flannel MouthThe Prisoner’s Cinema is slated to be released on March 11th via SwitchBitch Records and is a follow up to the successes of their previous “Pull In Your Horns” EP. These 14 tracks are a sonic whirlwind of Midwestern rock tangled in elements of progressive pop. Flannel Mouth turned to the unmistakably capable hands of label owner Michael Abiuso who is known for his works with Kiss Kiss (Eyeball Records),The Gay Blades (Triple Crown Records), The Venetia Fair and Behind The Curtains Media to produce, mix, and master the album. The band flew Abiuso from New York City to Peoria with a suitcase full of gear, holed themselves up in a vacant office building, built a professional studio, and only paused for a trip to last year’s SXSW. Zachary Hartman, lead instrumentalist (and named as additional production credit), reveals, “We turned the conference room into a live room, the main executive office into a control room/sleeping quarters, and the bathroom into a vocal booth. It was definitely a unique experience.” Listeners can certainly hear a delicate caring and quality to their product; consider it a critical library addition to complement artists such as Johnny Cash, Cursive, The Dear Hunter, Circa Survive, A Lot Like Birds, Foxy Shazam and more!

Flannel Mouth is gearing up to support the new record the You Must Experiencetour to and from SXSW with The Skulx, where they will be playing numerous showcases. “We’ve been fans of Foxy Shazam for a while and were introduced to Cadaver Dogs recently, too,” adds Ryan Batalon, bassist. “Their new stuff is sounding giant and we can’t wait to see what the [live] show is like.” The tour is scheduled to begin March 10th and will conclude with a hometown appearance in Peoria in April. Being sponsored by Digital Tour Bus, fans can catch exclusive updates and contest giveaways from both Flannel Mouth and The Skulx HERE!




Christian Hamilton

Christian Hamilton

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