An Epic Night of Music

An Epic Night of Music
BONESHAKER rock the Rock N' Roll Lodge & Steakhouse Fr., Mar. 21 2014

BONESHAKER rock the Rock N’ Roll Lodge & Steakhouse Fr., Mar. 21 2014

Three killer bands plus a rockin’ venue equals the one of the best nights in rock! This was the experience to be had Friday night at the Rock N’ Roll Lodge & Steakhouse in Tacoma. If you haven’t been to the Lodge yet you’re missing out. Everywhere you turn in the venue there’s another piece of remarkable rock n’ roll memorabilia to take you on a trip down memory lane. The drinks are stiff, the waitresses are beautiful; if you’re lucky you’ll even catch them dancing on the bar to a favorite song.  The Rock Lodge is a great venue with a great stage by night, and a restaurant with some great dishes by day.

The great venue was only one factor that made Friday a killer night the other factors were the bands. The night started with an electrifying set by Boneshaker. They pounded thru a blistering set of heavy hitting metal with shredding guitars and powerhouse vocals.

Under Sin play the Rock N' Roll Lodge & Steakhouse. Fri., Mar. 21 2014

Under Sin play the Rock N’ Roll Lodge & Steakhouse. Fri., Mar. 21 2014

Just as people picked their jaws up off floor from Boneshakers set they got knocked right back into the dirt when Under Sin hit the stage.  Under Sin ripped thru their hour long set culminating with the good old fashioned total annihilation of a perfectly good guitar.

This perfect rock n’ roll storm crashed to a finish with a thundering set from Unhailoed. This five piece delivered and epic set of hardcore metal that left the crowd buzzing with excitement.

The moral of this story is, if you missed Friday night at the Rock Lodge you missed an epic show. However the Lodge has always got awesome things going on and so do all three bands! Keep a close eye on what’s going on so you don’t miss anything ever again.

UNHAILOED play The Rock N' Roll Lodge & Steakhouse. Fri., Mar. 21, 2014

UNHAILOED play The Rock N’ Roll Lodge & Steakhouse. Fri., Mar. 21, 2014








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Christian Hamilton

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