CLUTCH Live in Seattle

CLUTCH Live in Seattle

May 31st 2016, in Seattle I had the opportunity to witness something I never thought I would. Clutch  working in direct support for Lamb of God. I know.. Sounds crazy right? Yes it does but to say I am totally stoked to have witnessed such a seemingly crazy bill would be the understatement of the year.

This was Neil Fallon’s and the rest of Clutch’s show..

Clutch is often identified as a working mans band and on this night they were working and working it in rare form. Fronted by Neil Fallon the band took the stage ready to sling their own mix of in your face, blues inspired hard rock. The anticipation of Clutch live had the near capacity crowd ready to break into a wave of banging heads and pumping fists even before the first song was played. They chose to kick off their 11 song set with the gritty and soul driven Gravel Road.

Fallon and his unmistakeable voice were flawless and in typical Fallon fashion he commanded the stage and crowd with his crazy onstage antics almost seeming to go into convulsions at times.  Continuing the hard rock funk fest the guys jumped right on in with A Quick Death in Texas from “Psychic Warfare”

One of the highlights of the entire evening was the live rendition of “Sucker for the Witch“. It was not solely the music that made this a standout moment but rather it was the intensity and tightness in which the music was played. The band just has this knack of grabbing ahold of you and in some off the wall way hypnotizing you with their foot stomping sounds, wild lyrics and voodoo like dancing moves on stage. It is borderline indescribable what a live Clutch performance is… it is intellectual, inimitable and incomparable to anything out there right now. You have to witness it to believe it.

Just when you thought the apex, the pinnacle, the high of highs was reached “X-Ray Visions” lands smack dab in the middle of the set. I have no idea who puts together the setlist here but this… this was brilliant. This track just smacks you right in the face and the power behind it pouring out of the speakers pushed the crowd over the edge into a prelude to the pandemonium. There were literally, literally I tell you, bodies of crowdsurfing metal maniacs flying over the rail and smashing headfirst into the front of the stage.

Clutch’s night ended with a little “Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!” and a bit of ” Vamanos! Vamanos!”. And by a bit I mean nearly a 10 minute rock meets blues mesh of beautiful mayhem. Electric Worry / One Eye Dollar was a most excellent way to close out the night.

I mean what more can you say… Clutch have been around for a long time. They are extremely good at what they do. The guys almost transcend any of the other rock bands on the radio today. The bottom line up front? They are a must see live… period no matter who else is on the card. See the full setlist below:

CLUTCH Setlist in Seattle

Gravel Road
A Quick Death in Texas
Your Love Is Incarceration
Sucker for the Witch
Son of Virginia
X-Ray Visions
Pulaski Skyway
Noble Savage
Electric Worry / One Eye Dollar




Christian Hamilton

Christian Hamilton

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