Live Show Review: Drowning Pool at Studio Seven

Live Show Review: Drowning Pool at Studio Seven

Photo By Ruben Lira

This show took place at the metal show Capitol of Seattle, Studio Seven with the headliner, Drowning Pool promoting their Reissue of the bands 2001 Debut Album ‘Sinner’.

I will get to Drowning Pool later in this review but for right now I have to point out the other band on this bill that you need to get to know, Red Tide Rising. This is a band from Colorado which I usually do not associate with metal, but in this case I forced to reconsider. The band is fronted by singer Matthew Whiteman, who, just in case you were curious, has an amazing range. He is able to belt out a primal hardcore scream that will get any crowd ready for a night of rock filled rampage. His scream, however, is not the part of his voice that is even the best. Whitman blows minds, at least my mind, when he sings in his low tone which is reminiscent of the glory days of metal. Their best song is Vicious Circle which really demonstrates this kids range.


Photo By Ruben Lira

Dallas, Texas legends Drowning Pool have been around for 13 years!!! This band has just kept on playing there signature sound that will guarantee a mosh pit will be formed during their shows. It’s amazing that even through the adversity this band has had and through the changing vocalists, this band still has loyal fans ready to watch them anywhere. Their set started with the usual guitar and bass filled sound effects. Then, once the intro was over, frontman Jason Moreno  rushed out onto the stage. This was only the begging of an epic night of music. Once their set began it would never be the same.

They tore though their big hits as well as new songs off of Sinners such as “Tear Away“. Moreno can hit every note while remaining in complete control the stage.  Drowning Pool played with a  ferocity which resonated throughout the crowd in every movement, every riff, every hook and every chord that they threw down. They closed there set with “Told You So” and “Bodies”. Bodies, even after all these years seems to bring out that head-banging metal head in all of us. Drowning Pool seemed to have the entire crowd moshing and I mean moshing with fury. This was the show that made you leave with ringing in your ears, but it was worth it.




Christian Hamilton

Christian Hamilton

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