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Live Show Review; Faith No More 18 Years in the Making

Live Show Review; Faith No More 18 Years in the Making

The place to be on the 16th of April was the historic Paramount Theatre in downtown Seattle where the white curtains flowed and colorful beds of flowers lined the front of the stage. This was the show everyone was talking about. This was Faith No More on stage and with new material for the first time in almost two decades. The theatre lights soon dimmed as Mike Patton and crew were received by the soldout Seattle crowd with a roaring anticipatory celebration of what was soon to be witnessed. This was Faith No More 18 Years in the Making and it was going down live and in Seattle.

Faith no More

Photo by Christian Hamilton


The band waisted little time in feeding the beast as they open with an epic live rendition of ‘Motherfucker‘ off of their latest record ‘Sol Invictus.  This, the opening song of an incredible 19 song setlist, was only the beginning of an astonishing one and half hour set. Faith No More has an enormous catalog filled to the brim with remarkable music and they didn’t miss a single opportunity to put that catalog on full display.

To round out the first three songs of the night they jumped immediately into ‘Land of Sunshine‘ and ‘Caffine‘ off of ‘Angel Dust’ before Patton took a quick break to address the crowd saying; “How are you Seattle?It is great to be hereIt has only taken us 20 years.  The thing about Patton as a frontman is the man’s voice is so flawless and so extremely diverse that he can afford be a man of few words. It is his on stage presence or his constant mischievous demeanour on stage that defiantly adds to his appeal.


Faith no more

Photo by Christian Hamilton

Two songs that really showcased the groups diversity landed smack dab next to each other mid set. First in line was ‘Epic‘ which is probably, or arguably the most “Mainstream” Faith No More song out there followed by ‘Sunny Side Up’ off of their newest effort ‘Sol Invictus‘. You could not ask for a better compilation of songs. This was indisputably, far and away, one of the most unique and interesting setlists of the year thus far and it was that aspect of the show that only added to the bands momentous return to the stage that was 18 years in the making. 

Though the group has been performing it since the early to mid 1990’s it didn’t stop it from being one of the many highlights of the night. The song that had everyone in the soldout crowd singing along was the bands cover of The Commodore’s ‘Easy‘.  This particular point in the show presented the group the opportunity to display even more depth, more aptitude and more musical mastery before hitting the home stretch which included ‘King for a Day‘,  ‘Ashes to Ashes‘ and super Sol Invictus track ‘Superhero‘.

There was a three song Encore that put the proverbial exclamation point on the night that included Burt Bacharach cover ‘This Guy’s in Love With You‘, ‘Cone Of Shame‘ and Mark Bowen.

 There was not a single point throughout the night were you could feel an energy dump. The crowds staying power was a tribute to the amazing set put on by Faith No More. You can argue that any lesser of a band putting on a 19 song nearly 2 hour set on a Thursday night may have seen some degradation to the crowds energy and enthusiasm but not tonight. Faith No More returned to Seattle, with a new record, in front of a sold out crowd and it only took them 18 years to do it… Their effort was well worth the wait and that right there is the moral of this story.

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Christian Hamilton

Christian Hamilton

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