Live Show Review: In Flames and All that Remains set fire to the Showbox Sodo

Live Show Review: In Flames and All that Remains set fire to the Showbox Sodo

The In Flames and All That Remains tour stopped at the Showbox Sodo in Seattle this past Saturday while they cross the US on their Charming America tour. The venue was packed from front to back, filled with rabid Seattle metalheads ready to get their mosh on and boy did they ever. This was a show of epic proportions, an unstoppable force, a melodic metal show for the ages.

I have been a huge fan of All That Remains since first seeing them perform live on the Uproar Festival main stage a couple years back and while some metal fans have scoffed at the band’s recent record, the songs translated very well live. “The Order of Things” is the latest and greatest release from the band out of Springfield, MA. The record was released earlier this year on Razor & Tie.

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Setting the mood, the band took the stage to a back track of the 80’s Top Gun hit track “Danger Zone”. The band waisted little time firing the crowd up with the heavy and hard-hitting “No Knock”  from their new album “The Order Of Things”. With the crowd now primed and ready to explode, the band pulled out “Stand Up” then on to “Now Let Them Tremble” and “For We Are Many”off of  their 2010 album “For We Are Many”.  The setlist, peppered with new and old, packed a powerful punch throughout.

Frontman Philip Labonte put on a hell of a performance. His screams were as powerful as they have ever been and his vocals in lighter songs like “Hold On” and “What If I Was Nothing” were both crisp and clean. The rest of the band was tight and on time and hit every note while not missing a beat. Their tightness and pitch perfect harmonies were incredibly spot on and amazing to hear live. Their musical prowess was never more evident than when they performed some of the bands newest tracks. “This Probably Wont End Well” is a phenomenal track live and shows a real promise for the direction that the band is heading with “The Order of Things”.

Closing the set with the epic old school tracks “This Calling” and “Two Weeks“.  The standing room only crowd was appreciative of the band’s 45 or so minute set and gave a loud roar after every song, with the loudest saved for the end which included the call for “One More Song”. There was no encore from the band tonight but All That Remains delivered an incredible set. Their New album “The Order Of Things” available now:


Now between sets and not a single person budged from their spots along the barrier as they readied themselves for what promised to be one wild ride. Up next was Swedish melodic death metal pioneers In Flames. These guys played an incredible set that had the crowd going nuts from start to finish. In Flames frontman Anders Fridén took immediate control of the crowd with a stage presence that is simply second to none.

Photo By Christian Hamilton

Heavy, hard-hitting , and hypnotizing are three words to best describe In Flames  live. They instantly engaged the crowd with an absolute killer live rendition of  “Embody the Invisible” that ripped through the crowd as they formed into a killer mosh pit almost on cue. The band tore into another classic “Clayman” that kept the mosh pit party rolling on before Fridén took a quick break to engage in a bit of witty banter with the crowd.

Everything’s Gone” off of Siren Charms was the song. It was the song that changed the crowd from just a fist pumping, head banging mosh pit. This was the turning point and by turing I mean turning the entire crowd into an endless flow of crowd surfing Seattleites.  With every new song they played the band became louder, more intense and that resinated throughout the crowd. This escalation continued even during “Off Tempo” songs like the mid set performance of “Alias.”

The truly epic 17 song setlist was filled with enough classic and new In Flames to keep the entire crowd engaged and full throttle throughout. There was one song that seemed to be almost the pinnacle though. “Cloud Connected”, which is the 5th song on the album Reroute to Remain, really drove the crowd into a frenzy and was possibly the highlight of the hour plus long set while rounding out the bottom third of a four part setlist.

The last leg of the set had the same level of intensity if not more than the beginning. The energy and emotion coming off of the band could be felt from all the way in the back of the venue. With songs “Mirrors Truth” and “Take This Life” rounding out the set the crowd made it perfectly clear that they had yet to exhaust themselves so on came “My Sweet Shadow.” The 6th song on the album “Soundtrack to Your Escape” and the 17th song of the night for the Swedish band. The hour plus set of In Flames metal madness may not have completely, 100% drained the crowds wanting for more but it sure did put an exclamation point on an epic night of music.

On March 7th, 2015 All That Remains and In Flames came into Seattle and waged an all out war on our sensibilities. The result of the all out offensive was a night of face melting guitars, crowd surfing Seattleites and mosh pitting metal maniacs that all had the time of their lives and for this, we salute you.





Christian Hamilton

Christian Hamilton

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