Live Show Review: Stone Temple Pilots – Dead, Bloated and Reincarnated

Live Show Review: Stone Temple Pilots – Dead, Bloated and Reincarnated

While a handful of Seattlites took to social media to express their opinions about a musical movement that happened decades ago I, myself, was front and center seeing firsthand one of the most iconic bands of that era rise out of the ashes of grunge and reestablish themselves live in front of a crowd of 2,000 plus. The Stone Temple Pilots kicked off their epic nationwide tour in downtown Seattle last night to a largely standing room only crowd at the Paramount Theatre. They are one of the few bands to emerge out of the grunge era that helped shape and form an entire generation through their raw lyrical and musical prowess.


The band has largely remained in tact over time but one lineup change seemed to have some here full of manufactured and misguided outrage. It is not exactly breaking news that Scott Weiland was replaced by new STP frontman Chester Bennington and it is not like this frontman change is something that is exclusive to Stone Temple Pilots.  I could compile a list of bands that have had member changes that would make you cringe at simply the thought of reading it. So the question is, why has SPT been called out for this lineup change? The answer is actually quite simple. There is a very small sector of Grizzled-Grunge Groupies, The Purists as I like to call them, that will fight tooth and nail to keep that musical movement alive and to this I say; Stone Temple Pilots, with Bennington and without question, proved last night to everyone in the building that they are still very much alive and kicking.


The Stone Temple Pilots opened their epic 22 song set big with an absolute killer live rendition of Lounge Fly from the album Purple released June 1994. The decision to open with that song sent immediate shock waves throughout the crowd the instant they heard the intro. With the amount of energy on stage resonating throughout the crowd it felt like lightning had stuck inside the Paramount. The band waisted little time between songs as the jumped directly into, arguably, two of the most popular STP songs.  Vasoline followed by Wicked Garden rounded out the first 3 songs of the set which unequivocally and undeniably captured the hearts and souls of the 1,000’s on hand.



The setlist featured absolutely one of the best songs in the bands entire catalogue which made its live premier Wed. night. Pruno, the 3rd song off of No. 4,  is a hard-hitting, in your face and powerful track that speaks of the perils of addiction. To hear this track live for the first time really put into perspective that STP, as a whole, have been reincarnated. The passion and intensity behind their performance, the tightness of the tracks live… The whole experience in general should be witnessed by anyone who is or, for that matter, was a fan of Stone Temple Pilots.

The majority of the setlist was very straight forward in being what you would expect from a Stone Temple Pilots show and that is in no way a bad thing. They peppered throughout the setlist the songs that the vast majority of the people on hand came to hear. The band plowed through the likes of Creep, Plush and Interstate Love Song with the same veracity and energy as they had in performing the likes of  Coma. The song Coma landed mid set and was a very special treat as it is a song which the band hadn’t performed live since June 8 th, 2009. 


The bands blistering set came to a close with a two song encore featuring Piece of Pie and, of course, Dead and Bloated off the Album Core. There was no better way to spend an evening than witnessing one of the bands that shaped the youth of my generation perform live and in concert decades later. To all the grizzled grunge groupies I say this. It is time to let go, pull the proverbial plug and let go. History will remember those great bands for what they were and the impact they had. It is ok, and encouraged to continue to be a fan of what took place back then in the glory days of grunge but to be so reminiscent of something or yearning for something that isn’t coming back blinds you to what is here.

What is here you ask? A band by the name of Stone Temple Pilots I say. They are a band that pulled the plug on their former frontman and have come back, full circle, sounding stronger and tighter than ever. The Stone Temple Pilot ship will stay on course, even having changed a member of its crew. Take it from me, this band is still as strong as ever when they take to the stage and those that came to The Paramount Theatre in downtown Seattle saw proof.

Check the bands Website or Facebook for more details as to how you can witness the show for yourselves. You can also take a lListen to an interview with Chester Bennington and Robert DeLeo on  KISW HERE




Christian Hamilton

Christian Hamilton

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