Live Show Review: The Darkness at The Neptune Theater


IMG_1683Wednesday night was cold and rainy, a very typical Seattle fall evening. But there was one occasion which made this night even better. The Neptune has seen plenty of great shows, with various performers leaving their mark at this venue. Tonight another band was added to this list of memorable performances at The Neptune, The Darkness.

The Darkness, the band who have had their share of the spotlight but recently, as far as the US, have not garnered the acclaim they rightfully deserve. They have played in some of the grandest venues in the world, so to have them perform at The Neptune was absolutely amazing. The backdrop of King Neptune was a great compliment for the band. They went through a variety of songs from various albums, such as “Love is a Feeling“, “One Way Ticket“, “Get your Hands off my Woman” and “Barbarian.” Led by Justin Hawkins, who has one the most under appreciated vocals of our generation. He hits the highs so effortlessly and can still find time to shred on the guitar. As a front man and musician, Justin, is one of the best lead singers out today, and honestly one of the best to come along. The Darkness band members are all masters of their instruments, with the brother Dan Hawkins, playing amazing solos. The bass player, Frank Poullain, playing mesmerizing bass lines to the drummer, Rufus Taylor, wailing on the drums in a chaotic yet graceful fashion.

One of the best and most tantalizing aspects of The Darkness is their showmanship. They personify what rock used to be and glamorize rock in a way very few bands do. They give the audience not just music but an experience. Best example of this was their last song which was their classic “I Believe in a Thing Called Love.”  Justin Hawkins interacted with the crowd, giving the crowd some great banter and testing the singing range of the crowd, with back and forth singing with the crowd. The last song was a culmination of an inspiring performance. With Justin belting out his signature range and guitar playing. Both of the Hawkins seem to play off of each other in a way only siblings can. The brother took their turns claiming a section of the stage and went into guitar solos that were a lesson on how a real guitar solo should sound today. They went on to perform three encore songs.

This is the band who decided to leave a mark upon The Neptune Theater. The Darkness, the band who shows everyone what rock should be – fun, guitar solos, and showmanship. A spectacle that will stay with the audience for years to come.





Christian Hamilton

Christian Hamilton

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