Live Show Review – The Foghorns at Conor Bryne

Live Show Review – The Foghorns at Conor Bryne

FullSizeRender1With a rainy fall evening as the background in Ballard, Conor Bryne once again provided  another great show, especially for a Wednesday night. The Show had three bands play, which all had a distinct sound that really complimented each other.

The opening band was Evening Bell. This band consisted of two very good singer’s, Caitlin Sherman and Davidson Hart Kingsbury. The harmonies this duo would make we’re pitch perfect. There sound seemed to transfer you to the 60s and made you feel like you were at classic country show in the South during a fall harvest. The guitar work was very simple but very effective in the notes that were played, with just a touch of tremolo effect layered on the guitar which played very well with the classic almost eerie country sound.

The Banditos are a band that plays with a classic Nashville sound combined with some good Memphis soul in the vocals. They have two main singers but the woman vocalist, Mary Beth Richardson, was the one that made every song stand out. Their closing song,”No Good”, was one of beauty and passion. The song had Mary Richardson sing with a ferocity in her voice that seemed too pour out the passion of the song. I would love to hear them do a cover of summertime by Janis Joplin. They have a new album self titled, “Banditos”, they are pushing, a must for fans of country soul music. Best song is,”The Breeze,” which has a very catchy melody with lots of tambourine that brings it all together.


Photo by Ruben Lira

The final band was the Foghorns which was a great way to close the evening. Led by Bart Cameron, this is a band that has been playing in the Seattle scene for awhile but only recently have they been gaining the recognition they deserve. What makes there music so good is not just their live performance but their very powerful lyrics that always seem to tell a story in the mold of those classic folk songs of the past with a touch of blues. They are not afraid to sing about the stuff that most bands tend to stay away from. With a strong blues infused guitar combined with a great trio of vocalist really added an aura to their performance. One song they performed that really struck a chord with me was,”Sons and Daughters of Molly Maguire,” This song really provided a great insight into the song writing abilities of Bart Cameron. My favorite line of the song,”You wanted a fight alright you got a fight / this machine don’t kill fascist / so I brought dynamite,” simple but straight to the point that makes the song even more memorable.

They are working on a new album, but feel free to check out their other album, Big F. I also recommend to check out their music video for,”Ain’t I a Man”, it will get stuck in your head very quickly.





Christian Hamilton

Christian Hamilton

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