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Members of three local bands along with one local venue came together this holiday season to bring a little more holiday cheer to wounded members of our Armed Forces. On December 13th the long time Seattle rockers Klover Jane put on a show at Louie G’s in Fife. The newly crowned “King 5’s Best local music venue” in Western Washington is home to many fundraisers but this one was uniquely special. This toy drive not only brought in hundreds of toys but also raised awareness for an amazing Nonprofit which that has dedicated 13 years to our wounded warriors and their families.

Operation Ward 57 was hand picked by Klover Jane to be on the receiving end of the local music communities good will. The director of the nonprofit says that as of 2013 there have been 51,809 troops wounded in OIF/OEF,  320,000 TBI and over 400,000 estimated with PTSD.  A lot of these injuries, both physical and mental, drastically impact the families financial readiness as most rely heavily on the disablility benefits received from the Veterans Affairs as their main source of income.

The night of music started off with Garrett Whitney and the Outlaw Gruntry Band. The one time acoustic band stepped onto the stage and plugged in full on electric. I will say this, from seeing one or two of their acoustic sets in the past, the decision to go full electric was absolutely the right direction to take the band.

Photo By Christian Hamilton

If there was ever a definition for “Gruntry” it would be the sound created by Garrett Whitney and his band. They are edgy, sincere, brash and honest in their approach to music and these traits can be head full force on their latest live recorded record. Forever Unplugged: Live at the Central Saloon can be found on Amazon and I guarantee anyone who checks it out will love it. I know we do!

You could feel the electricity in the air as the one and only Seattle “Rock’N’Rolla’s” took the stage. Klover Jane has absolutely exploded back onto the scene after a bit of a break. Their latest record “Sacred” could, and probably should, be on top everyone’s best of 2014 lists with its in your face, straight forward Rock and Roll roots. It is great seeing these guys back up on the stage and really pushing the envelope. They are 100% American Rock n’ Roll and are set to take the national stage by storm. I for one picked up a copy of “Sacred” at this show and it has yet to leave my CD Player.

Photo By Christian Hamilton


With the show coming close to its end, Klover Jane showed once again, that the local music scene is all about love and community as they, themselves, offered a HUGE bag of toys to support this cause.

Klover Jane Frontman Rane Stone says “It just makes sense, they go over there, some don’t come back and some come back with incredible injuries… So what, we can’t put on a concert for them? Hell yes we can because it just makes sense.”

Photo By Christian Hamilton

At the end of the day, Klover Jane, Superfecta and Garrett Whitney came together with Louie G’s and threw down an incredible night of music for a cause. It was heartwarming and humbling to see the incredible amount of love and support throughout the local music community. At the end of the day the everybody came together to provide 15 families a little more holiday cheer as over 500 toys were distributed to wounded warrior families.

If you would like to learn more about Operation Ward 57 and what they do visit www.operationward57.org




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Christian Hamilton

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