Tantric is currently on their 2014 tour promoting their 5th studio album titled 37 Channels

Tantric is currently on their 2014 tour promoting their 5th studio album titled 37 Channels

Tantric is currently on their 2014 tour promoting their 5th  studio album titled 37 Channels, making the rounds and stops across the United States doing a variety of shows and festivals with Hell Yeah, Saliva, Fuel, Soil and Filter to just name just a few.

Hugo Ferreira and his bandmates, Drummer TJ Taylor, Bassist Scott Wilson, and Guitarist Derek Isaacs are based out of their hometown in Louisville, KY and have been traveling nonstop for a few good months now. I had the opportunity to catch their show here in Spokane, WA at The Hop last night. The Hop is a small venue with brick walls and has a max occupancy of about 150 and has an outdoor garden area. I have never been at this venue before but as soon as I walked in, I knew that this was going to be a small off the hook intimate show for select Tantric fans. And it was exactly that.

They started off with the classic tune “Hey Now” and that got the blood pumping within the crowd and followed with “Live your life” and ‘Astounded”. Then they switched gears and played a few songs off the new album 37 Channels, like the slower melody “Where do we go from here” and “You got what you wanted” the highly requested song on the radio stations and 2nd new single off of 37 channels.

Half way through the show they played the ever popular “Breakdown” getting the groove going again within the crowd, the set list proved up an outstanding show, which quickly shifted into high gear with the bouncy “Mosquita” that has that lyrical content for those double talking, blood sucking and back stabbing people that enter our lives. I can totally relate to this song and its high energy. “Mosquita” also features Shooter Jennings on the studio album. The set was completed with “Down and out” and “Mourning” so impressive and they delivered each song without flaw, complete perfection.




The whole set had a variety of their hits off their 5 albums; The End Begins, After We Go, Tantric, Mind Control and 37 Channels, there isn’t any better way to explain a perfect show that left me singing the verses out load in passing conversations throughout the night and still today.

Immediately following the show, all members were at the merchandise table doing some sort of meet and greet with everyone, signing posters and cd’s, taking pictures with the fans and just talking to everyone. I can’t even describe in words how friendly the band treated their fans. Just in Awe! I think the fans just experienced a memorable evening.

I was so impressed with the whole show and since I have followed them for some time; I knew their story already. I thought to myself, I should be doing an interview with these guys, since I was not assigned to do an interview and didn’t have any equipment with me. I guess, at the very least, I should do an off the record review of my experience and a write up.

While still debating if I should say anything to the band, next thing I know I am sitting in the bar with Hugo and a few others, it’s one of those once in a life time moments that most fans dream about.

Eventually, I told Hugo in passing that I am going to do a review and who I was affiliated with, that was a priceless moment. I have been pinned the secret undercover writer!

All jokes aside, the band seems to treat fans like family at all the shows, and Hugo is a pretty humble and down to earth type of rock star that doesn’t allow his title affect his personality.

They just played in Seattle at Studio 7 and from what I heard they delivered another kickass performance.

I highly recommend catching one of their shows and if you are a fan please check their “Tantric Mafia” page on Facebook, there you will find all the info to be a part of their Mafia family and street team, where you can help distribute flyers to their upcoming shows and in appreciation for advertising you can get on the guest list or you can have an opportunity to enter some of their contests “guess the lyrics” for show tickets.




37 Channels

The 37 Channels album contributors are impressive to say the least with an all-star lineup including guitarist Kenny Olson-Kid Rock, guitarist Scott Bartlett -Saving Abel, guitarist Kevin McCreery -Uncle Cracker, vocalist Austin Winkler-Hinder (Bullet, Fault), Shooter Jennings-Early Man,(Mosquita) Leif Garrett (My Turn), and drummer Greg Upchurch -3 Doors Down

If you don’t know some of the back history of Tantric, here is some of the “breakdown” and “where they go from here” is rumored with an additional album to be released sometime in 2015.

Tantric is has often been categorized as post-grunge and is known for its emphasis on acoustic guitar, distorted electric guitar, and multi-layered vocal harmonies. Tantric has been compared to Days of the New, from which its original guitarist, bassist and drummer came from, after Days of the New back in 1998 split up, Whitner, Vest and Taul went forward with Hugo and eventually became Tantric.

Although, through the years and after a few albums those 3 members have left the band and Hugo has remained the only consistent member, forging ahead and showing what hard work and dedication for his music is about.

Tantric  has also gained a strong comparison to Seattle’s own grunge forerunners Alice in Chains. Mostly, because of the producer Toby Wright, who handled Tantric’s first three albums, also produced two Alice in Chains albums as well as the solo debut of their principal songwriter, Jerry Cantrell. Wright is known for emphasizing multi-tracked vocal harmonies and other characteristics demonstrated in both bands”.


37 Channels is the fifth studio album and offers up that same signature sound with some catchy lyrics, harmonizing vocals, groovy blend of acoustics, shredding guitar riffs, back and forth melodies that create a composition pleasing to the ears, along with the bouncing bass, pounding drums and a little bit of Hugo’s own piano playing completes the whole album. Each song has a different mixture of sound, but true to the distinctive Tantric, with an interesting and meaningful message within its lyrics, by far the most influential album in my opinion, giving meaning to everyday life situations and past relationships with a spiritual connection that all fans can relate to.

I think this may be the closest look into Hugo’s soulful writing and honest reflection of his experiences in life and in his own words he has mentioned “There are bits and pieces of my entire life in this record”.

I strongly suggest giving the whole 37 Channels album a listen and I promise that you will not be disappointed.


Set list for 7-20-2014 at The Hop in Spokane Washington

Hey now

Live your life


Where do we go from here

You got what you wanted

Mind control

Fall to the ground



Fall down

Down and out



If you are a fan I highly recommend that you catch one of their shows in a town near you, here is their schedule for the rest of July, August & September

  •          Jul 28          LVCSLas Vegas, NV
  •           Jul 29         Club Red     Mesa, AZ
  •           Jul 31         Downtown LoungeTulsa, OK
  •          Aug 01         Rev Room     Little Rock, AR
  •          Aug 02         Gig It Music Festival / Cherokee ParkMorristown, TN
  •          Aug 07         Oddbody’s Music Room    Dayton, OH
  •           Aug 08         Smith’s DowntownMishawaka, IN
  •          Aug 09         Dirtfest 2014         Birch Run, MI
  •          Aug 10         Zero Tolerance       Lincoln, IL
  •           Aug 13         BT Theater @ Basement Transmissions         Erie, PA
  •          Aug 15         Hard Rock Cafe Pittsburgh   Pittsburgh, PA
  •           Aug 22         Sickies Garage   Fargo, ND
  •          Aug 23         Rise Festival / Missouri Valley Fairgrounds   Bismarck, ND
  •           Aug 24         DK’s LoungeWilliston, ND
  •           Aug 25         The O’Riginal Bar & Nightclub   Minot, ND
  •           Aug 28         The Rave      Milwaukee, WI
  •           Aug 30         Befuddled FestivalNew Albany, IN
  •           Sep 21         Chuck’s w/ Soil     Akron, OH
  •           Sep 24         Riverside Ballroom w/ Soil Green Bay, WI
  •           Sep 25         St. Croix Casino Turtle Lake Event Center w/ Soil Turtle Lake, WI
  •           Sep 26         Q&Z Expo Center w/ Soil Ringle, WI
  •          Sep 27         Every Buddy’s Bar w/ Soil   Chippewa Falls, WI
  •          Sep 28         Freakster’s Roadhouse w/ Soil     Pontiac, IL




37 Channels is available now from Itunes, Best Buy, Walmart and Amazon

Links to Tantric Official Facebook pages and website









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