A Conversation with Marshall Wieczorek of Wretched

A Conversation with Marshall Wieczorek of Wretched

I recently had the opportunity to chat with Marshall Wieczorek  from the killer melodic death metal band Wretched.

WRETCHED was formed in September of 2005. Recreating what seems to have disappeared from the NC scene, is the blend of European, and American Metal. For the first time listener, WRETCHED brings sonic mayhem to their ears, leaving them with a craving for more. Keeping the NC thriving music scene going, WRETCHED are an immaculate take on this music scene. They are unstoppable, unyielding, and powerful live and on record. With a devastating live show, a show attendee leaves more than satisfied anticipating the urge for more WRETCHED.

The band  based out of Charlotte, North Carolina will be bringing their killer brand of face melting music to Washington State as they are set to perform on the Victory Records Stage at the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival this summer. They are coming armed with their new album, Cannibal, which will be released on June 10th and they are ready to throw down in front of the thousands of expected Washington State Heave Metal Maniacs.


SSL: Wretched is releasing their new record “Cannibal” this June and just in time for the 2014 Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Fest. What does your setlist look like? Will you be balancing old and new material?

We’re definitely playing a song from each of our albums, but our set list is mostly looking like new material from Cannibal. We’re really eager to play these new songs out, so we’re bringing out a lot of new stuff this summer.

SSL: “The Exodus Of Autonomy” was the first record released back in 2009. Fast forward 5 years and now, in 2014, you are about to release your 4th record in 5 years… “Cannibal”. How would you describe this record in comparison to the previous three released?

Man, there are so many differences between those two records. We were a lot younger when we wrote TEOA. I feel like we were still finding our sound and had influence from music around that time. With the new record Cannibal, we’ve grown a lot as musicians since our first album, and I think we’ve captured something that is written with the most integrity. We dug deeper than ever on this one than ever and recorded and produced the entire album ourselves. I definitely wouldn’t have called us qualified enough to do anything like that on Exodus, and I thank our producer at the time, Jamie King, for teaching us a lot.

SSL: You guys are obviously in popular demand and touring a lot! You are just about to jump on the Unnatural Selection Tour with HAVOK and then straight into Mayhem Fest kicking off July 5th in Cali… Are there ever any thoughts that you might just physically burn out at some point? How do you stay focused with such a crazy and demanding schedule?

Touring a lot can take its toll on you for sure, but we’ve learned how to manage and stay sane. I think we have a good balance of being out and time off. After a year and a half touring cycle from our last release Son of Perdition, we had a good bit time off with a member change and writing/recording the new album that we’re ready to kick it in high gear and make this our busiest touring cycle yet.

SSL: This summer you will be on the Victory Record stage at the Rockstar Engergy Drink Mayhem Fest which be be rolling though Washington State on July 8th. What can the fans here that have never witnessed a WRETCHED set live expect?

Expect a brutal and tightly wound sound of furry, moving air from our speakers to your ear drums.

SSL: After this summers epic tour schedule, what next for WRETCHED? Do you have more tour dates?

We’re still working on that, but we’re planning on keeping up a busy, busy tour schedule. Stay tuned!!

SSL: Seattle’s local music scene in packed full of talent… some of the best musicians around… what advice can you give the smaller or local metal bands looking to get gigs and airplay?

I’d tell musicians to always try to push the bar for themselves and think outside of the box. I think too many bands conform to the current trend and flavor of the week rather than try to create their own thing.  I mean, do whatever that is rewarding to yourself, but if you want to stand out and gain attention, I think it’s important to be unique and totally kick ass.

SSL: Last Question… Submitted by one of our readers…. Who designed the “Cannibal” record cover art and what does it represent?

The cover was designed by Raf the Might. The album’s title Cannibal is represented by the skull eating the heads being feed by conveyor. The heads represent the different kinds if people and emotions being fed into the machine of life and society. I love Adam’s lyrics because they’re relatable. They’re about real experiences and situations. Thanks for the question!!

SSL: Thanks so much for taking the time to sit down and answer a few questions. I will be seeing you at Mayhem!

Thanks for the interview!




Be sure to check these guys out on the web, buy their record  and for sure do not miss them at Mayhem! Its going to be one killer set!







Special Thanks to Rachel over at Victory Records for helping set up the interview.




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