Andy Marsh of Thy Art is Murder Talks About ‘Holy War’, Mayhem and More

Hailing from Australia, Thy Art is Murder is a deathcore band that has managed to garner significant fan bases in Germany, the UK and here in the States. Hate, the band’s sophomore effort from 2012, is considered by many a hallmark deathcore release and the album actually charted in Australia.

With Mayhem Fest only a few short days away and a new record being released we had the pleasure of sitting down with Andy Marsh from Thy Art is Murder. The often outspoken sixstring slayer walked us through some of the new record ‘Holy War‘ and discussed what it took to get into those deeper levels of human suffering that was necessary in creating the record.  Their New album ‘HOLY WAR‘ just came out yesterday (EU/AUS) and is set for release on the 29th in the UK via Nuclear Blast Ent. Order at


SSL – Cutting right to the chase— You have said, I am paraphrasing here, that the goal is “more intelligent lyrics focused around deeper levels of human suffering” What is or What was the first step in getting to those deeper levels of human suffering and why is that so important to your music?

Andy – We decided a few years ago that for us at least, lyrics based in fantasy and gore weren’t heavy to us anymore. We live on a real planet in real communities with real problems. We felt that those sorts of topics were more relevant to us and more relevant to everyone who is alive today and that we could bring an extra level of emotion and aggression to our music through that.

 SSL – Ok, I have to admit it, I haven’t heard ‘Holy War’ yet. What can I expect to hear from Thy Art is Murders latest effort?

Andy – 40 minutes of unrelenting brutality that hopefully opens up discussion on issues important to us and makes you start a circle pit in your kitchen.

SSL – How do you feel the music has changed from your last album to this one?

Andy – It was just done over a longer period of time. Sean started collecting riffs and songs over two years ago and it all came together over a longer period of time. I think that is why we have a lot more variation on this record where Hate was often criticized of being very ‘samey’.

SSL – Ok, I dont want to dwell on the past but I have to ask. It was about 5 years ago CJ McMahon took over on vocals and he’s been nothing but amazing. The question is… How do lineup changes like that affect a bands branding? Or does it at all?

Andy – Of course it does, but with the way the band is now and has been for so long I don’t think it has affect our current lineup at all. We had some guitarists that didn’t contribute to the music touring with us for a couple years but I don’t feel it made a different to how we were perceived. People knew it was the four of us, a team, making the records and giving them a piece of ourselves.

SSL – Lets jump back to the new record. The Artwork for the ‘Holy War’ CD is sick. Who designed it and whats the story behind the design?

Andy – I was the art director for the album, my dear friends and long time band photographer Thomas Savage took the photos and our friend Sebastian Lux handled the layout. I came up with the concept to portray something supremely confrontational, that is taboo to talk about or to show, to hopefully stir meaningful conversation and progress on the issues we tackled in the record.

SSL – You are very outspoken about the new record; Saying it is the one thing Metal is missing. What is it, in your eyes, that ‘Holy War’ is going to bring to todays brand of Metal?

Andy – Passion and something real. That isn’t to say that there aren’t great metal bands on the planet that we don’t enjoy, but there are somethings that we wanted to hear that we weren’t getting from our favorite bands, so we made it.

SSL – If ‘Holy War’ is the Action… What is the Equal and Oposite Reaction?

Andy – Intelligent and open minded discussion on how to improve our position on earth.

SSL – Thy Art is Murder has been on a terror with what, 340 tour stops since ‘Hate’ was released in 2012. What are your plans after Mayhem Fest?

Andy – Closer to 400 now. This coming Monday marks the release of Holy War and the start of a new album cycle. We are hitting Mayhem and then heading to Europe and the UK for a few shows throughout August. Then we get to rest for a month.

SSL – I for one am very excited for this years Mayhem Fest. I can’t wait to see you guys live! Do you have anything special lined up for fans while on this tour?

Andy – New songs! Mayhem gets the first taste of our new record and we are very excited to launch it on such a cool summer tour.

SSL – Thy Art is Murder is a Mortal Combat fighter… What is your finishing move?

Andy –Babality!


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