Eddie Hermida from Suicide Silence talks to Seattle Sound Live about the band, the tour and Seattle’s own Alice in Chains.

Eddie Hermida from Suicide Silence talks to Seattle Sound Live about the band, the tour and Seattle’s own Alice in Chains.

Just as Eddie embarks on the highly anticipated release of “You Can’t Stop Me” due out July 15th and leaving for the European & Mayhem tour in just a few days. We got an exclusive interview that describes exactly how compassionate he is and the role as the new singer for Suicide Silence, how he feels about replacing Mitch and the undeniable similarities that Suicide and Alice have in common.    

SSL: Hi Eddie, this is Shanna from Seattle Sound Live

Oh hey Shanna, hold on a min I’m driving

SSL: Okay….

I’m so sorry, who is this? Alice?

SSL: No, this is Shanna …HaHa, chuckles (Alice is really on Eddie’s mind)

SSL: First, I would like to congratulate you on your position as the new vocalist for suicide………

Oh, Thank you, thank you very much, there wasn’t nothing I wasn’t born to handle you know what I am saying ..

SSL: Right, Right. I also would like to congratulate you on the tour and the new album there seems to be lots of good reviews and the excitement is building up to it

Yep, out of everyone else I am more excited; I am more excited than the fans are.

SSL: Since I only have a few minutes of your time, I would love to just jump right in, there is also a lot of speculation about how the band decided to carry on without Mitch, was there any doubts by the other members if Suicide was going to continue on?  

No, nobody told me anything. The only things we talked about was how they were doing and how they were feeling and what not, they didn’t tell me if they were going to pick up the band at all, just one day they asked for me to sing on a song and they were so stoked and then they asked me to continue on with them.

SSL: Wow

One minute, listen to this preview of the new song …

Can you name that song?

 SSL: Unless it’s something that hasn’t been released yet ….. Yeah, it’s “Cease to Exist“, I did my homework

You better have and be well versed (laughing) or your messing up (laughing)

SSL: Ha Ha Yeah, that’s funny you should say that, I was looking for some pre released music, couldn’t find anything but rap songs claiming to be unreleased stuff

Yeah, it’s laughable isn’t it, what extremes people go to

SSL: Yep, so hey it sounds like your guys are hitting the road for your European tour in just a few days the beginning of June

Yeah, we leave on the fourth for Europe and going to be doing a lot of those badass European festivals…and then come home and do the Mayhem

SSL: Yeah, I was just going to say that the United States Mayhem starts in July

Yep, we are so stoked about that.

SSL: Is there a difference between the European and United States fans?

The U.S. crowds just goes a little bit harder, you know what I mean; I think both sets of crowds come out full force and they just love metal you know what I mean

SSL: Do you guys plan on continuing on after the tour?

Yeah, I don’t think I would have picked it up, if I wasn’t planning on moving forward with the band …

We give a portion of our earnings to the The Kenadee foundation, and I would like to feed into that for the rest of my life if possible. Just to be simply able to do something that helps out a child that will be without.

SSL: Right, I hear you and it keeps you humble and feels good to give back.

I’m a pretty humble person and I have a lot of love for humanity and the arts and other people, I try very hard to make sure my head doesn’t leave this earth.

SSL: Exactly, you got to remember where you came from

I keep my head on the ground and my heart in the sky

SSL: That’s cool … Sadly with tragedy and loss, for some reason produces the best music, do you feel that this album and comeback will be a way of paying respect to Mitch and in a way of keeping his memory alive?


SSL: And they say legends never die, they live on through the music. Is that what this album is going to represent?

Aww, it represents us not stopping but moving forward and umm we are going to pay homage to our brother and pay homage to the work that was put in to it before but this whole movement is to show the world that we are something new we are going to be 100 % Suicide Silence but it’s going to be the next chapter of Suicide Silence and we are really happy to move forward and happy everyone is moving forward with us

SSL: And that’s basically “YOU CANT STOP ME”

Yes, our very own lyrics, how fitting is that?

SSL: Yes, it is very fitting (chuckles) that bring up another thing; I did hear a rumor that some of Mitch’s vocals are being added to the tracks? Is that true?

No, that is incorrect, 100% false he did not record anything for this record the only recorded stuff we have is from the previous stuff.

SSL: Will there be added surprises to the new album? If you can’t say I understand.

Uhhh, Not that we talked about No, not really, the record in itself is a surprise.

SSL: So, since we are Seattle Sound Live, from Seattle …I couldn’t help but notice several references to Alice in Chains, in your bio and from your Revolver Golden God awards interview with Metal Injection, is Alice in Chains and Layne Staley one of your influences? Do you listen to Alice ?



Hell heah, are you kidding me? I am heavily influenced by them. I love their stuff! The old and the new, RIP Layne & Mike.

SSL: Awww, Did you happen to run into them at the Soundwave in Australia?

I did, funny thing is that I walked up to him like a boneheaded self, I went up to them and asked them hey Umm, hey dude I just want to say thank you for keeping Alice in Chains alive, ya know as a person I am kind of doing the same thing . I feel like people don’t thank you enough for and people don’t say how they really feel about them moving forward and I just want to say you are doing a good job and your bass lines are the shit

And he is like I don’t play the bass dude, ahhh…oh man



But yeah, I got to meet him (Duvall) the boys and everyone, the whole band except the drummer

SSL: Sean?


But it was such an honor they were such nice dudes they congratulated me and showed me a lot of love and shared a lot of great stories of Mitch.

SSL: Ya, there is a picture floating around with Mitch and Jerry…. We are no strangers to Alice

No shit? Yeah man if I could ever tell them enough, of what they actually mean to me, the absolute world, like I cried and shared a many moments with them and they encouraged me a lot, I really love the band a lot, I think their new stuff is just as killer as the old stuff, and for whatever reason they decided to bring it back super heavier with the newer stuff. I think they are killing it and doing a killer job and sound perfect live.

SSL: Yeah, you got to give them a lot of respect for doing what they are doing and that’s kind of why I felt so compelled to do this interview with you. Because there seems to be some similar aspects between Alice and Suicide, I understand that it can be hard to carry on with the fans and the whole thing, if they are doing the right thing, should they stop, should they change the name umm, Alice got a lot of back lash for instance the NO LAYNE NO CHAINS type of thing.

Yeah, it’s a typical thing a fan will say, I have heard it all, I have gotten death threats for moving the band forward, I was told I would never be Mitch, it’s just the hate that young fans feel when they miss the person that spoke to them ,ya know? no one ever is going to replace Mitch, I am not here to replace Mitch, I am here to do what Alice in Chains did, what AC/DC did, what any band must do when they lose any body close to them, it’s hard but, you get up and you move forward and keep on going in the memory and the wake of somebody so wonderful, that’s all you can do, that’s what we are here to do. I’m here to kick as much ass in the name of my friend and that’s why I am doing it.

SSL: That sounds perfect and I commend you for doing what you’re doing, I don’t think Mitch would have it any other way

Absolutely not

SSL: I think the non-believers will come around once they hear the new album you know, just don’t let it bother you

Yeah no, it only gets to me on the surface I know deep down inside I am doing the right thing

SSL: Yeah, you are, I think you are and hopefully Alice’s experience can somehow guide you, influence and hopefully reach out to you in the process of all this, I think that would be really cool.

I sense a very strong relationship brewing with those guys they have a lot of respect for us and ahh, and one day I hope we can tour with them like a Mayhem festival or something or them bringing us out, I mean I am not asking them but, I feel that the momentum is going in that direction …I feel like those guys are people that can motivate us and also taught by.

SSL: Right, exactly, I think the same thing….Okay Eddie I have taken up a lot of your time… I just have want to ask you one more thing

All right!

SSL: What inspires you? and if you could give any advice to aspiring musicians what would that be?

I view music as today’s coliseum if you will, I see myself as a warrior and I see myself as a person that when I go on stage I’m there to change people’s perspective of music as much as I possibly can and to full fill people’s dreams and to also fill them with a dream and that’s a task you don’t do without force and which you don’t do with out and being a person with a lot of diversity , just like pain and struggle and with pain and struggle being able turn that into a positive .I think if you can find a muse for yourself and figure out a way to understand life at a very basic principle and know that you have a heart for music and have a passion to show the world and change the world, who you are and keep that aside and hope that changes people and your made for this and move forward and the biggest thing is to never give up, as cliché as that sounds it one of the surest in life the moment you stop, that’s the moment everything stops

SSL: That’s heavy and its true

Well they don’t say heavy metal for no reason

SSL: I would like to thank you for your time and making my very first interview a great experience.

Awesome , you did a great job with some really good questions I commend you as well

SSL: Awww, It was a pleasure talking to you, Seattle Sound Live wishes you and Suicide a ton of success on your tour and the upcoming release of “You Cant Stop Me” due out July 15th

Thank you, I hope everything goes good and comes up roses for you.

SSL: Thank you

 Be sure not to miss Eddie Hermida and Suicide Silence when they come blazing through the Seattle Area on the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Fest. In the mean time you can check them out online:




YOU CAN’T STOP ME: out on July 11th (EU), 14th (UK) and 15th (NA) via Nuclear Blast Entertainment. Order at http://bit.ly/ss-ycsm-nbe.





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