Exclusive one on one with Red Tide Rising frontman Matthew Whiteman

Exclusive one on one with Red Tide Rising frontman Matthew Whiteman

Colorado’s finest Red Tide Rising is on tour with Drowning Pool’s Unlucky13 tour and will be at Studio 7 on November 13th, also featuring Like A Storm and Breach of Silence.

Red Tide Rising includes Brothers Matthew and Andrew Whiteman that have been playing since a young age of 9 and 10, Red Tide Rising has been active since 2007 and who ever said that Rock and Roll is dead, better think again and should be listening to what the Colorado boys are throwing down. The sound is heavy and hard with an explosion of vocals, unlike we have ever heard. We had the opportunity to talk to Matthew the singer just before the tour started and we are sure you will be in for a surprise, such young talent on the “rise”.


SSL – Thank you for taking the time to talk to Seattle Sound Live.

We are patiently waiting for you to hit Seattle on the Drowning Pool’s Unlucky 13 tour with Like a Storm and Breach of Silence. Seems like a perfect lineup!

Matthew – Yes, it is we have 2 great bands, Like a Storm and Breach of Silence, Like a Storm is really unique and put on a great show and Breach of Silence brings a real hard intensity to the show. So, I am really looking forward to the tour and so is the band.

SSL – I think it will be a show that Seattle does not want to miss, especially with its diversity in the styles of music.

Matthew – Yes, it going to be a good show.

SSL – Looks like the tour begins on October 21st, and runs until November 26th, seems like a pretty good run!

Matthew – Yes, 40 days on the road, 32 shows in all.

SSL – I noticed that you also did a run with In this Moment?

Matthew – Yes, in 2012, before and after the release of “Blood’.

SSL – So you guys haven’t been on tour in a while?

Matthew – We have been writing and recording in 2013 and staying busy with home shows and neighboring states shows. But, this is the big tour run and we are starting to kick things into gear again.

SSL – I was just going to ask you if you had any plans for any national summer tours in 2015 planned.

Matthew – Yes, we hope so, right now the 2015 plan is to finish up this new album and start recording, but yes, I could see us touring in 2015.

SSL – Will you have anything new to bring to this tour? Can we expect to hear something new that is not released yet?

Matthew – Yes, we will be playing a bunch of stuff off “Rising” and we will have one song from the new project and open with it. Just to give the fans a little taste of the direction we are pushing Red Tide Rising into.

SSL – Is it going to sound any different from the previous?

Matthew – A little bit different, heavier than what we ever wrote, we played it a couple times here in Denver and our diehard fans loved it, so we can’t wait to see how the rest of the states like it.

SSL – Let’s talk about that voice, I was blown away the first time I listened to “Finding Home”, being so dark and heavy. You have a very distinct voice, something that is so…well developed.

Matthew – I have been told that I sound like Sully from Godsmack. I started preparing at 12, with exercising my vocals and my vocal teacher did a lot work with me at a young age, so that is definitely what has shaped it into what we hear now.

SSL –   Wow, simply amazing. I can only imagine what your bright future holds.

What was supposed to be off the record, this young man is only 19 and has a well-developed, well rounded and strong voice for his age.

Matthew – Thank You!

SSL – I was listening to “Finding Home” before the interview and was blown away.

Matthew – I was only 16 in that one!

SSL – Oh my, Wow. Speaking of “Finding Home” I was kind of taken back, specifically, I noticed from your bio that “Finding Home” is dedicated to the memory of two Highlands Ranch High School classmates that tragically committed suicide. This single is available on iTunes with a portion of the proceeds being donated to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention through the “Out of the Darkness Walk”.Please listen to “Finding Home”


SSL – Can you give me some more info on this song; did you guys know the 2 classmates?

Matthew – I did not, my brother did, he was in classes with them, and I was just a freshman at the time. It affected the whole school. I am good at capturing my surroundings, I think for the song, “Finding Home” seemed like it was natural to capture what was going on that week and put it down to a song and dedicated it to the classmates and everything.

SSL – I think that is pretty cool, kind of helps bring awareness to a very sad thing. I think it’s really cool that you did that especially donating the proceeds to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Matthew – Thank you!

SSL – So, Do you take some of your life experiences and put them into songs or what is your writing process like?

Matthew – Yes, I try a lot, the next album we are working on is going to be a concept album but, the real meaning behind it is about our journey of Red Tide and trying to make it in this industry, so it’s going to be a pretty personal album I think.

SSL – Right on, so you guys just received 2 awards from the IMA’s (Independent Music Association)

Matthew – Yes, we won best album of the year and best rock song of the IMA’s Southwest which includes Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona areas.

SSL – That is pretty cool.

Matthew – It’s real nice to be honored and recognized for all the hard work that we put into the album.

SSL – Do you guys know Drowning Pool personally?

Matthew – Yes, we do. We have played with them before on a few shows in the past and they invited us on this tour.

SSL – Well that’s cool, I wish you guys the best of luck on this tour and continued success in the future and we will see you at the show.

Matthew – Sweet, Thank you and see you later.

Please check out their latest release the “Otherside” and you will surely be taken in by that voice.

Red Tide Rising is
Matthew Whiteman – Lead vocals

Andrew Whiteman – Guitars

Matt Guerin – Drums, Percussion

Michael LeBois – Bass Guitar
You can find them at

Youtube Channel

Tickets to Studio 7 on November 13th










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