Felix Martin 2015 Metal Injection North American Tour: Exclusive One on One

Felix Martin 2015 Metal Injection North American Tour: Exclusive One on One

There are all different types of guitar players. There are air guitars, video game six string slayers there are even rakes and brooms turned into guitars when that moment to rip a riff hits you. Lets face it people love to play the guitar but I have only ever seen a guitar player like Felix Martin one time in my life and he plays a custom double necked 14 string guitar designed by him and JP Laplante.  We had the chance to talk to this real life guitar hero prior to his Feb 11th show at the Highline and here is what Felix Martin had to say.




SSL: Tell us a little bit about your musical background. How did the concept of 14-string guitar develop?

Felix: I started playing regular electric guitar, and later on, I felt like playing two guitars at the same time would bring a lot more possibilities and different sounds, so I started playing two simultaneously. After a while, I felt the need of having a single guitar with the two guitars on it, so me and several luthiers designed a few models for 14-string guitars, which are two 7-strings in one single guitar.

SSL: Your music falls into a wide range of genres, from progressive metal, jazz, fusion and beyond. Who are your original and current influences?

Felix: I grew up listening to every genre I could, and I still do it. Everything from salsa to death metal. It’s just something I truly enjoy, I learn from every style and they influence my playing. I honestly don’t have any current influence, just music in general. I listen and learn as much as I can.

SSL: Receiving a scholarship to Berklee and getting your degree is a pretty big deal.  In what ways has that helped you musically?

Felix: Mostly in knowing the theory behind music, which is extremely important. Also, while being at school, I met great musicians that I still work with nowadays, such as Kilian Duarte, Nathan Navarro, J.P. Bouvet, etc.

SSL:I read somewhere that you design the guitars you play. Can you give us a bit of an idea as to what goes into that process and who actually makes your design come to life?

Felix: I design my guitars with luthiers. I’m more like the head of the artistic side of the instrument, like how to play it well, etc. I don’t actually build them or deal with the technical side.. JP Laplante, based in Canada, is one who’s helped me the most. We just completed my two newest guitars.

SSL: The rumor on the street is that you haven’t used a pick in years. Is there any specific reason why or what if any is the benefit to not using a pick?

Felix: That’s actually true. I’m using my nail as a pick nowadays! I use both the picking technique and tapping. I just feel like using my finger gives me more freedom to use tapping and finger style at the same time. I also play percussive techniques for a while, so I can’t be holding the pick while doing this. It took me a while to develop this as it hurts a bit, but after a while the skin gets stronger.

SSL: Let’s talk about The Scenic Album. It’s such an amazing commingled collaboration of technically precise guitar techniques. Take us behind the scenes. What goes into writing your music?

Felix: The main concept of this album was to write music that doesn’t repeat much, sort of like scenes from a movie, that music is changing constantly without repeating much. I kind of call this Linear Composition. It is a fun album to listen!

SSL: Talk to us a little bit about “The Human Transcription”. It sounds like a fascinating concept. Give us the where, when, why and how behind the concept.

Felix: The Human Transcription is a side project. This has been a dream for me to produce. I’ve always wanted to write an entire album from the music that comes from our speech. As a Prog Metal musician, we like really complex rhythms and our spoken voice is full of them, so I started to have curiosity on this subject when I was about 15.  I started this project when I was about 20, where I had more knowledge about general production. Biggest discovery? I’m not sure, but there are many theories and techniques I had to develop in order to transcribe all these speeches. I’ll be doing an article and lesson soon on this!

SSL: You are playing a Show here in Seattle on Feb. 11th at the Highline. What can the Seattleites attending expect to see?

Felix: Extreme instrumental possession! Something completely new for you all! We’ll do our best to inspire you!

SSL: What can we expect from you in the future?

Felix: Completely new musical ideas, and a lot more new material!


Felix Martin 2015 Feb-Mar Tour Admat - WEB - V2His show on Feb 11th is one you do not want to miss. Check him out online for more info:







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