Mark Davis of Emmure talks Muisc and Mayhem

Mark Davis of Emmure talks Muisc and Mayhem

Emmure is a band that speaks their mind and they never seem to shy away from controversy. With their take no prisoner attitudes coupled with the sometimes controversial, in your face actions of their lead singer, Frankie Palmeri, Emmure has risen to the top of the metal scene. They are hard, They are Heavy… They are Emmure and I was given the chance to talk with their bassist Mark Davis before they throw down on the Victory Records Stage at this year’s Mayhem Festival, and this is what he had to say.

SSL: Emmure released “Goodbye to the Gallows” back in 2007 and now in 2014 you have released your 6th full length record “Eternal Enemies”. How do you feel, lyrically and personally, you’ve changed or grown over the course of these records?

I think everyone would like to say that they’ve grown and changed tremendously over the course of their careers, but I can say in my heart that Emmure is still the same band that we set out to be in 2007, idealistically and musically. We’ve definitely become more focused with our playing and our writing, but we are still influenced by the same things that got us here and are still just as hungry to carve out our place in heavy music.

SSL: What was different in the process for “Eternal Enemies” from past EMMURE records? And, not to say past records were not but… What makes this record harder, heavier and even more insaine than the others?

The process for Eternal Enemies was similar to that of our two previous albums in that we pre-pro’d at home and on tour on our laptops. But we got more of a head start on the songs this time around. I think we had 20 something tracks to choose from going into the studio with. We also weren’t scared to push the Emmure boundaries all around and put some stuff out there that normally we would have shied away from on past releases.

SSL: 2013 sent EMMURE across the world as they played at Eat Your Heart Out Festival, Groezrock, Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival, Amnesia Rockfest, Summer Breeze Open Air Festival, Brutal Assault Fest, and headlined the Mosh Lives Tour, Impericon Festival, and Never Say Die! Festival. Do you guys prefer playing these festival shows opposed to a normal club style show?

Doing a huge festival run and headlining a club tour are worlds apart from each other. There’s a certain rush that comes with the “throw and go, smash ‘em and pack it up” atmosphere of the festival setting that can’t be matched by anything in my life. But packing out a club with a few hundred diehard Emmure fans giving us their all while we give it ours is just…indescribable.

SSL: This summer you will be on the Victory Record stage at the Rockstar Engergy Drink Mayhem Fest which be be rolling though Washington State on July 8th. What can the fans here that have never witnessed an EMMURE set live expect?

We’re proud to say that we are back at Mayhem Fest for the second year in a row. If you missed it last year, you’re in luck, this time around we have some new tricks up our sleeves to make it even more of an experience for the crowd. We can’t wait to unleash some more of these new songs off of Eternal Enemies on everyone!

SSL: While regarded by some fans as deathcore, Emmure has also been defined as metalcore and nu metal among other genres… I guess my question is… do these definitions, lables or whatever really matter? And What do you say to the nay sayers screaming that the Mayhem Fest has gone too mainstream?

Emmure, along with many of the other bands on this year’s Mayhem Fest, have been labeled many different things because people don’t know what to do or say about us. Call us whatever you want, but we can’t be denied.

SSL: Seattle’s local music scene in packed full of talent… some of the best musicians around… what advice can you give the smaller or local metal bands looking to get gigs and airplay?

The #1 piece of advice I can give to any musician trying to get exposure is make friends. You never know who is going to be there to help you tomorrow or years down the road. A first impression is a lasting one, don’t be a dick

Thank You for taking the time for this Mark, See you at Mayhem in Washington!

The one thing for sure about Emmure, is they are coming to Washington State this summer for the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Fest and all you Metal Heads out there better be ready. Their new record “Eternal Enemies” is capital H Heavy so If you are a fan of heavy music and haven’t seen a live EMMURE show, you have to be at Mayhem this year. … Period. In the mean time…Check these guys out on the web.




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