One on One interview with the legendary shredder George Lynch

One on One interview with the legendary shredder George Lynch

gt2ONXa_Lynch Mob released their 7th studio album “Rebel” on August 21st Check out the two singles included in this exclusive interview with the legendary shredder George Lynch.

Testify“, is described with its “massive vintage mutron octave divider riff that hits you straight to the core, and the other, “Automatic Fix” with a heavy triplet pace hypnotic riff and Logan’s awesome vocal approach with a high octane chorus hook. Both will be sure to please any Lynch Mob fan”. On the “Rebel” album, veteran musicians include Jeff Pilson (ex Dokken and Dio, currently with Foreigner) on bass and Brian Tichy (Whitesnake, Billy Idol, Slash etc.) on drums.

We had an opportunity to talk about the new record “Rebel” that was just released on August 21st, George talked about how Oni’s magical writing and their collaboration together laid down the foundation in which you will hear in each track off the new record. We also got a current update on the Dokken reunion and much more…Check it out here!

SSL – Hi George, what a surprise and a pleasure to interview you and thank you in advance for taking the time to talk with Seattle Sound Live. How are you doing?

George Lynch – Hi, I am good! I am getting ready to take off on a run for the tour.

SSL – Yeah, I know you are extremely busy.

George Lynch – A little bit, sometimes. (Chuckles)

SSL – First off, I have been following Lynch Mob for some 25 years now, the “Wicked Sensation” album was released in 1990, and I was thinking maybe the “Rebel” album would be in a way commemorating that?

George Lynch – Well, it is, we just didn’t market it that way. I think when you do that, you are forcing a comparison between Sensation and Rebel. It’s just something we don’t want to do because they are completely different animals, I mean there is a 1/3 of a lifetime separating these two records and everything that comes with it. We are not in the business of trying to re-create what we did a quarter of a century ago.

SSL – True…

George Lynch – You know? I mean, it is a plastic flexible musical adventure, I don’t look at it as anything other than that. I don’t look at it as a product to be sold or manufactured, it’s an evolutionary process that we are documenting and celebrating. We are all very appreciative that we have been around this long and continue to make music this long. One day at a time and moving forward, not looking back.

SSL – I think it’s great that Lynch Mob has continued on for so long, I think it’s really awesome.

George Lynch – Yeah, it’s been an interesting road, it would be one thing if the band had stayed together for that long, we have gone through lineup changes and a revolving door and many different styles and it’s been an off and on thing too, where the band has sort of been there and not been there. In the late 90’s it wasn’t even Lynch Mob anymore it was just using my own name “Lynch”. I didn’t feel right calling it Lynch Mob when I was the only original member.

SSL – It seems like with these last few albums and projects, it has been a family affair, between Jeff and Tichy it seems like there is some consistency going on there?

George Lynch – And Scotty and Robbie, yeah they are our family. So, absolutely, definitely a tight knit family. The current band which is Jimmy D’Anda on drums (Bulletboys) and Sean Mcnabb on bass (Dokken, Burning Rain etc.) they were in the band at one point in the earlier 2000’s. I played with Jimmy also in Shadow Train and Sean with 12 years of Dokken, so there is a big time connection there.

Shadow Train is Lynch’s long awaited project with all new 18 track deluxe edition two CD set! George’s stellar guitar work, along with vocalist Gregg Analla, bassist Gabe Rosales, keyboardist Donnie Dickman and drummer Jimmy D’Anda, create honest, soulful and meaningful rock, blues and hard rock based music. It is part of the Shadow Nation documentary about American Indian and social and environmental justice and to explore that story through film and music – See more at: Shadow Nation

SSL – Absolutely, of course.

George Lynch – You know Lynch Mob does about a third of our set dedicated to Dokken songs.

SSL – That was one of my questions way down at the end of my list that must be a real treat by hearing Dokken songs at the Lynch Mob shows.

George Lynch – Yeah, we like to be known for that as well, obviously it’s a huge part of my personal legacy and Lynch Mob was born out of Dokken, so you know there isn’t this fire wall between the two.

SSL – Right.

George Lynch – I could go back and play songs from The Boyz and Xciter that were actually Dokken songs you know? So, there isn’t this cold hard line between all the musical entities that I have been involved with. It is kind of morphing as it occurs in the transition periods.

SSL – I know with all the interviews that you have been doing, everyone wants to know about the Dokken reunion and I heard your answers, is there any updates?

George Lynch – Yeah, actually thou, the latest news is that we are talking and there is a plan, but the plan isn’t until 2017 and that is a long way off and a lot of things can go wrong like they have in the past so….we are trying.

SSL – You are extremely busy, where would you fit all that in?

George Lynch – Well yeah, that would be a huge priority if it happens obviously for all of us, we would have to lay all of the other stuff aside for an album cycle and doing a record and touring would be an experience. But yeah, it’s on the table, keep our fingers crossed and work towards it.

SSL – That’s cool I hope it happens. Congrats on your 7th studio album “Rebel” which was just released on August 21st and you are out touring behind the new album with only a select dates, are you adding more dates and more cities or are you staying with the limited dates? I think the fans want more dates added! Does the limited dates have anything to do with Sweet & Lynch dropping the album in October?

George Lynch – We did about 50 dates this year, we were out in Eastern Canada and the U.S, after that we have been doing the long weekends between 2 and 4 dates per long weekend, and come home for a few days and fly back out. It’s been working so far.

SSL – I was curious if we would see any new dates added?

George Lynch – A few possibly in the fall, we are booked through the end of September. We have a few other things happening but, I can’t discuss it right now, just keep checking my site.

SSL – Okay great, let’s talk “Rebel” the masterpiece of lynch solos, I previewed the album and I am liking the different groove and feel to it, instrumentally and lyrically… I am feeling the groovy sexy songs that are a part of mob’s catalog with a twist of some new so….was that the plan on this album?

George Lynch – Yeah, it’s a little bit tricky for me to analyze something I just did…

Take a listen to “Testify” here

SSL – Yeah, I understand.

George Lynch – But, you know we have a defining formula which I think is blues based and desert hard rock and that is what we like to think of ourselves, we were born out of the desert we have an infinity for the desert, God Bless the Desert. So, what we have is a dusty blues based hard rock band with a twist and those twists can be anything from progressive tendencies to metal tendencies and to psychedelic tendencies. I think another thing that sets us apart on these…. Well, obviously Oni Logan and I have a uniquely stylistic link, from what I have been told anyways, we help each other on that style. One of the less recognized aspects to one the key components of Lynch Mob is Oni’s lyrical abilities and he is a magical writer and his poetry that he writes is very unique, not like anybody else I have ever heard and he is very very gifted and I think that has been under appreciated. So, the “Rebel” record is just us doing what I just described, we just did it now instead of years ago and it may be a little different. You will hear influences from our past, Hendrix, ZZ Top and influences from more modern bands and somewhere in the middle too and even the 90’s music, even the Alice in Chains influence, it’s all in there you know?

SSL – Yeah, My favorite song happens to be “War” and I thought I heard a little of Black Sabbath in it..

Check out “War” here

George Lynch – REALLY? Well, look at the family tree, Sabbath went to Dio and all that, it’s deeply ingrained in our musical make up and creative process.

SSL – I guess I interpreted it differently, I don’t know (in my flustered voice and I went on further with my idea of the song and made no sense what so ever to George, I will spare myself from repeating it here in this interview, cause I can do that!!) (laughing) I was trying to explain the killer shredding in a “Racy” vibe feel …

SSL – I love the solo riffs in “Automatic Fix” as well..

George Lynch – Well, hmmm…it’s an adrenaline kind of song, and I like to think that I am driving my motorcycle fast through the desert or driving my 65 Buick Riviera down a lonely lost highway.

Check out “Automatic Fix” which includes the 65 Buick Rivera and that desert hard rock feel Lynch was explaining above.

SSL –Exactly! Yeah, Yeah, that’s what I meant (laughing)

George Lynch – It’s a driving song definitely.

SSL – But, anyways the vocal range that Oni Logan is hitting is enormous in different songs and that’s where I am feeling this blended feel to the whole album, and I think it’s really cool how you did that. You have your hard stuff and the classic LM love songs, it’s just all the way around a masterpiece.

George Lynch – I really appreciate that, he has really matured as writer and over the years I think beautifully mellowed with age a bit but, also grown in other ways and its really nice to see like you have mentioned to be able to stretch and go off in other territories as well and that makes it fun for us when we are writing.

SSL – Yeah, and you are speaking on more of today’s issues I noticed.

George Lynch – Yeah, I am a political one, obviously my Shadow Train record has been my instrument for that voice but I think Oni has been exposed to my thought processes and things that matter to me and my idealism. I am never certain that he shared those beliefs or political means but he wrote things on this record that are very in-tune with what I strongly believe in and I am very happy that he did that and I am sure its genuine on his part and he speaks very eloquently and powerfully on things like inequality and environmental issues and whether its socially or economic overall across the board. He speaks to those things very eloquently and in a poetic way and it’s very hard to do and hard to tackle those subjects, in the context of a rock band, and it might sound silly or preachy and it turns people off and we don’t want to do that. So, it takes a gifted writer to be able to pull that off in a way it doesn’t turn people off.

SSL – Yeah, I think you did a good job at it actually, some people are different, and some want to get lost in the music and some need to hear “something” that they resonate with so….

George Lynch – Right, it can lend to more depth to the composition and the underlining passionate meaning to the words that the listener can feel on another level other than just okay “I hear the words no matter what they mean” and care about the words, whether it’s a life experience or relationships or even how we manage ourselves in the human race. Rock music has always been a powerful tool in changing things in revolutionary activity. From the 60’s Vietnam War and Civil rights and on and on ….

SSL –So, you pretty much do the instrumental part and hand it off to Oni to do the lyrics or …

George Lynch –Yeah, pretty much, I love being involved in the melodies and lyrics but you know Oni is a very self-contained and usually anything I come up with no matter how heartfelt or how good it is, he equips it very easily and I just walk away and put my hands in the air, and it’s like dude, I have no business even trying to get involved in this and he is so good at it so …but we interact on both ends and he is there when we are writing music and he is offering ideas and I would be offering lyrical ideas here and there, whether or not they are getting used, it doesn’t matter. A bad idea can cause a better idea so that’s how our process works and we get the best possible results that way. We definitely feed off of each other ideas and build on them.

SSL – That sounds like an organic process.

George Lynch – yeah, it’s working out well.

Unfortunately, we had to cut the interview short because of an incoming European call, we chatted for a few minutes off the record about the early days of Dokken and a particular studio in Bellflower, Ca. His call came in and that was a rap.

Seattle Sound Live wishes George and the band Lynch Mob continued success on their new album and tour. It was a pleasure to talk with him.
Please check out Lynch Mob’s social media sites for upcoming news and pick up a copy of “Rebel” it is truly a masterpiece to add to your Lynch Mob collection.

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George Lynch Website
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The current live version of the band includes Jimmy D’Anda on drums (Bulletboys) and Sean Mcnabb on bass (Dokken, Burning Rain etc.).
Aug 29 Buffalo Rose Golden, CO
Sep 11 The Garage Bar Moorhead, MN
Sep 18 Ramona Mainstage Nightclub Ramona, CA
Sep 24 RockBar Theater San Jose, CA
Sep 25 Whisky A Go Go Hollywood, CA
Sep 26 Counts Vamp’d Las Vegas, NV
Feb 22 “Shredders from the Deep” Monsters of Rock Cruise Miami, FL
Oct 01 Monsters Of Rock Cruise Los Angeles, CA

• Automatic Fix
• Between The Truth And A Lie
• Testify
• Sanctuary
• Pine Tree Avenue
• Jelly Roll
• Dirty Money
• The Hollow Queen
• The Ledge
• Kingdom Of Slaves
• War

Studio Albums
• Wicked Sensation (1990) – US #46
• Lynch Mob (1992) – US #56
• Smoke This (1999)
• REvolution (2003)
• Smoke and Mirrors (2009)
• Sun Red Sun (2014) – US #6
• Rebel (2015)




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