Saxon reach all new levels of awesome with release of Unplugged and Strung Up

Saxon reach all new levels of awesome with release of Unplugged and Strung Up

By Dani Winder | December 5 2013

image001The latest release from Saxon is a definite must have for any fan and metalhead. I know there are those out there that are cynical of bands releasing their old songs with new package. Usually I’m one of you. Unplugged and Strung-Up is the exception. This is not just the same old songs remastered or with new artwork. These songs have been completely reworked to deliver a powerfully beautiful punch. The orchestra arrangements deliver a whole new level of heavy metal thunder, when paired with these die hard classics. I can tell you about it all day or I can shut up and let Biff himself tell you a bit about it in this brief interview with him.

What inspired you to go back to your songs and re-vamp them in this orchestrated fashion for the Unplugged and Strung-Up album?

We wanted to release something different not just the usual format. So we tried a bit of acoustic and a bit of orchestra.

Tell me a little about the recording process?

Well we re-recorded 99% of the tracks, all the vocals were re-sung and it was mixed by several people with Andy Sneap mixing some but mastering it all.

How did you do the orchestra parts?

We had the songs scored for orchestra but we decided to use keyboard software.

You will be celebrating your 35yr anniversary next year, any special plans to celebrate, that the fans can look forward too?

We are talking about doing a special tour next winter.

You guys are scheduled to go on tour with Motorhead next year. How different do you think it will be to tour with them these days versus when you toured with them in ’79?

We do play a few shows with Motorhead around the world but to do a full tour will be a special show for the fans.

With being such an influential band yourselves I’m curious as to who your influences were in the beginning?

There are too many bands to mention but a few US bands that we loved that had an impact are, Mountain, Grand Funk ,Black Oak, etc.

And who you listen to and are inspired by currently?

I am listening to the new Black Sabbath album.







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