These Raven Skies are ready to rock and roll at Uproar festival

These Raven Skies are ready to rock and roll at Uproar festival

These Raven Skies is Vocals-Perkins Guitar-Alex Whitcombe Bass-Trevor Landmark Drums-Shand Munro.

A couple of years ago, Alex Whitcombe, guitarist and primary songwriter for Calgary based These Raven Skies, went to see Jeff Martin play solo gig. Alex gave his band’s demo to the opening act, and it serendipitously ended up in Martin’s hands. Martin, best known as lead vocalist for multi-platinum selling Canadian rock icons The Tea Party, is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, composer and in-demand music producer now living in Perth, Australia.

We had an opportunity to talk to Alex and get the exclusive scoop on what is happening in the These Raven Skies camp. Make sure you check them out at the Uproar festival.

SSL – Hello Alex, How are you? Thank you for taking the time to talk to Seattle Sound Live.

Alex – Good, How is it out there in Seattle?

SSL – Seattle is good, just enjoying the sun.

Alex – Excellent.

SSL – So, I heard you guys are trying to get into the states?

Alex – Yeah, unfortunately there is a problem with getting our work visa and we are still stuck in Canada for a couple days but, we will be joining the tour in a few days.

SSL – Oh No!

Alex – Yeah, it’s pretty frustrating. So, we have seen all the photos of Uproar so far and it looks like the crowds are great and excellent turn outs at all the venues.

SSL – Oh man, I am sorry to hear that. So, what are you guys looking at maybe the Syracuse, NY show?

Alex – Yeah, we are hoping to be in Syracuse, NY that is probably realistic that or the Indianapolis show.

SSL – Well, you will still have a good run of it right?

Alex – Yeah, still looking at like 18 or 19 shows, we will have some fun.

SSL – Right! So, you guys have Jeff Martin on board with you guys?

Alex – Yeah, He was our producer and we ended up writing and recording this record with him, pretty surreal experience for us. He is a pretty big music icon and a big hero to us.

SSL – How did that happen?

Alex – I went to one of his solo shows here in Calgary and I handed one of our demo albums to the opening act and about a year later I received an email from his management stating that he wanted to potentially work with us on a production project, which of course you hear about that in the movies, you don’t really see that happening in real life. So, it’s been a surreal experience and that is about how it came about.

SSL – How long have you guys been playing together?

Alex – As of right now, it’s been about a year, before that we were in a band called Dreams of Reason for about 4 years.

SSL – Nice, so would this be your 1st Uproar then?

Alex – Yeah, this is our first Uproar which makes us sitting on this side of the border even more painful.

SSL – Yeah that is some bad luck, maybe it is some kind of crazy blessing in disguise?

Alex – Yeah, maybe it is, just makes the tour a little bit shorter so we can sustain ourselves. (Laughing)

SSL – I just hope that not too many fans, at those selected dates are not too unhappy.

Alex – Yeah, we have had some disappointed people, hopefully we can go back to re-visit those cities and say hi to everybody.

SSL – So, are guys revved up to be playing with the likes of Godsmack, Seether and the whole line up?

Alex – Yeah definitely. We actually played with Buckcherry in the past as well and looking forward to seeing them again. It will be really cool to be sharing the road and stage with them all.

SSL – What are your musical influences?

Alex – We are huge fans of Led Zeppelin and we are fans of the Tea Party, naturally being Jeff Martin’s band and some of the early 90’s Seattle stuff too like all the Soundgarden and Pearl Jam kind of stuff. It’s all had a profound influence in our songwriting and our playing as individuals too.

SSL – Are you the main song writer?

Alex – Yeah, in this band yeah, I seem to start things off but, we definitely write by a committee, it’s just a band getting together and jamming some songs out, I don’t bring complete songs to the table, we get together and jam things out.

SSL – Have you guys ever played in the U.S?

Alex – No, we haven’t this will be our first venture into the United States and to be a part of the Uproar is pretty amazing right?

SSL – Yes it is, how did you get on the Uproar bill?

Alex – We have been talking to them for a number of years and for some reason this time the stars have aligned, they asked us to come out and it’s just been a natural thing that progressed.

SSL – Right on, that is cool, congrats!

Alex – Thank you, finally everything came together and it’s been a perfect storm.

SSL – What are your plans after Uproar? Do you have anything happening?

Alex – Yeah, after we come home from Uproar we have plans to do a Canada wide run, as well as some overseas stuff like the U.K and Germany

SSL – Oh cool!

Alex – Yeah, we have a growing fan base out there as well and our record sales are doing very good over there in the U.K and Germany.

SSL – So you guys released your self-titled album and will you be working on a video maybe?

Alex – Yes, we are working on our first video from the new single “No Need to Worry” we have a lyric video but looking for other options of a full production video or even a video of the second single.

Single “No Need to Worry” featuring Jeff Martin



SSL – What kind of time frame?

Alex – Yeah, after we get back from Uproar we have plans to sit down in the studio and get some time working on that.

SSL – Is there anything you would like to say to your fan base?

Alex – Yeah, we will see you at the Uproar and look out for us on the road and we are looking forward to seeing everyone. We have plans on coming back to the U.S again after the Uproar in 2014.

SSL – Do you have any advice to aspiring musicians?

Alex – Definitely, stick with it and work hard and realize it is a lot of work, it can be a job at times but definitely rewarding if you have your band focusing on things, more like functioning like a record label in a sense and just stick with it and good things will come to you.

SSL – Thank you Alex for your time and we wish you a ton of success on this tour and all your endeavors in the future. We will see you at the show.

Alex – Cheers & Thank you very much for your time.

As of September 5th, These Raven Skies are in the United States as they were unfortunately held hostage at the Canadian border for a few weeks and finally just got out of Canada and will be on stage just in time for the “Rock Hard at the Park”, Post Falls, Idaho ( 9/11) & the “Pain in the Grass” in Auburn, WA (9/12).




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