Beware of Darkness takes to the ROCKSTAR Uproar Fest Coldcock Whiskey Stage

Beware of Darkness takes to the ROCKSTAR Uproar Fest Coldcock Whiskey Stage

Beware of Darkness has just released their debut record Orthodox and it is available on iTunes but this trio out of Los Angeles is anything but orthodox.

Beware of Darkness took to the Coldcock Whiskey stage on 7 September 2013 as a part of the Rockstar Energy’s 4th annual Uproar Fest at the Gorge in Washington state. Founded in 2013, Kyle Nicolaides, Tony Cupito and Daniel Curcio combine to bring a new and unique sound to the sometimes monotonous always revolving Uproar stage. This unique sound is what drove me in the direction of the Coldcock Whiskey stage.

Photo by Christian Hamilton: Seattle Sound Live

After catching their set, I had to know what was behind the music and the energy that they bring to the stage so I set up an interview with the Beware of Darkness front man, Kyle. Uproar Fest is a long and grueling tour, it covers just about every major city in the country in just about two months. I asked Kyle, how in the world he can keep up his nonstop energy considering the dynamics of the Uproar tour. He jokes and says “I drink a lot of ginger, lemon, and hot water” but in the end explains ” You just always have to remember it’s a privilege to be doing this. It’s the best job in the world. There’s nothing worse then seeing a band on stage and they look miserable or like they’re not having fun. I find it so bizarre when I see bands who seem like they hate what they do, because it takes so much time and effort just to get to a point where you can even be a touring band. It’d be way easier, and make more sense to just work at a bank or bag groceries and be miserable there. There’s no excuse at all.”

Photo by Christian Hamilton: Seattle Sound Live

The Pacific Northwest may be just what Kyle and the rest of Beware of Darkness needs near the tail end of the madness that is Uproar. Kyle says he has always felt an affinity with the North West “It’s so gorgeous and calming and serene out here. There’s room to breathe.” and continued “Obviously everyone was blown away by the scenery”. But like most musicians know, serenity isn’t always what you get. Kyle talked about their set in Boise and the madness that ensued even though it will probably remain as one of those “Best of Times” memories it was anything but serene. ” Minutes after our set in Boise, the festival got rained out. The water was knee deep after ten minutes. I’d never seen anything like it. Later that night we tore apart downtown Boise with Dead Daisies and Charming Liars”.

Beware of Darkness formed earlier this year and have since not only landed on the Uproar Fest ticket but have also landed SXSW and a European tour. This type of exposure speaks volumes towards work ethics, originality and, in going back, energy. Kyle and Beware of Darkness take their success in stride, they stay humble and explain that the key to success is fairly simple “Just write great songs, and put on exciting shows. Be aware of yourself and your talent.”

Photo by Christian Hamilton: Seattle Sound Live

In the end, Beware of Darkness, drawing inspiration from life, death, and everything in between are making waves in the in the music world. How they are doing it is no real secret. It just takes a special group of people to come together, write great songs and remember that it is indeed the best job in the world and it is a privilege. I will be keeping my eye on these guys to see what’s next I mean, how could I not after their Uproar Fest performance on 7 September at Gorge.

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Christian Hamilton

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