Eve to Adam’s Taki Sassaris is Locked & Loaded; Taking on the Political Climate, Spotify and Support for Our Veterans

Eve to Adam’s Taki Sassaris is Locked & Loaded; Taking on the Political Climate, Spotify and Support for Our Veterans

10994154_10206084853830443_5974473582700881530_nWe had the pleasure to sit down and talk in depth with the front man and lead singer Taki of Eve to Adam recently. Taki talks passionately about his support for the troops, some politics and the music business.

Eve to Adam is headlining the Rock and Rally for the Troops Benefit show for wounded servicemen, their loved ones as well as those that aid in their recovery through the programs of Operation Ward 57, a non-profit that supports wounded warriors.
This event will consist of a Motorcycle Run sponsored by Brothers In Arms MC. Following the MC Run will be an outdoor concert event featuring EVE TO ADAM, Klover JaneVan Eps and JP Hennessy.

SSL – Thank you for taking the time to talk to Seattle Sound Live.

Taki – My pleasure.

SSL – We are patiently waiting for you guys to hit the stage at the Rock and Rally for the Troops in Tacoma, Washington.

Taki – Yeah, we are excited about that gig, it’s always a pleasure for us to do shows that help support our U.S. military and wounded warriors, and it was a great opportunity when we were pitched the event. We are more than happy to oblige and it’s going to be an awesome time.

SSL – Yeah, it’s has a pretty good line-up with some local Seattle bands as well, although I think you guys will steal the show.

Taki – Well, thank you, it’s always great to play up in the Northwest. There is some great history of awesome bands that come out of Seattle, stuff that I grew up with as a kid, you know? That was my time, so it’s a real honor to be up in Seattle and Washington State, really great people that I appreciate in music and in art. I am excited, the band is excited, it’s going to be a great time and it’s for a great cause, you just can’t beat that.

SSL – Yeah exactly! Let’s talk about your official lyric video of “IMMORTAL” seems so fitting for this event, it speaks directly to servicemen that fought in our wars.

Taki – Yeah, we took that single and the opportunity to make that video as a dedication platform for the men and women in the U.S Armed Services and I think the inspiration came from the amount of respect we have for the preparation, the training they go through and for what they endure while being away from their families, for putting themselves in such danger on behalf of the country and the freedom they fight for. It’s just something that never escapes us as far as the respect for their sacrifices. So, it was our little way of putting it out there in a public consciousness. Anyway, we always try to do that as much as we can. I always dedicate that song to them, to all our veterans and wounded warriors and for many of them the battle continues on if they come home and to re-adjust to society, they have to deal with the V.A. and it seems to be a never ending battle, so anyway we can help we always try to lend our talents and energy to that case, I think it’s a great cause and its one that we are always going to be supportive of.

SSL – That is so cool and honorable for you to do that with such dedication. Is there any backstory or do you have any veterans in your family that has impacted you.

Taki – Yeah, I have a cousin that served in the Air force in North Dakota, he was a captain in charge of the intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM).

SSL – Wow!

Taki – Yeah, but I have had a lot of close friends that have served in the Marines and in the U.S Army, I have always had the upmost respect for the service, the discipline and the sacrifice. With music, a lot of the times its said that our band and other bands like us (Hard rock and Metal bands) it’s our big inspiration to them in the field and while they are away from home and stationed abroad, it’s always been a mutual honor that we have shared.

SSL – That’s really cool since they are so forgotten by our government especially when they come home

Taki – Yeah, I know, I was just talking about that the other day, and how the biggest crime of everything is that when we engage in war, we forget about the additional cost of war that should be included. As people come home, they should be taken care of properly. The way our U.S. government deals with our veterans is disgusting and it’s deplorable. It’s a real shame.

SSL – It is, I couldn’t agree more with you.

Taki – It’s a shame on or flag, on our legacy as a democracy and all the things we do stand for that is righteous and good, we don’t seem to carry that out for the people that insure that our liberty and freedom exists for us. They serve on our behalf without any questions asked and then all we have is questions for them when they come home and it’s just not fair and it’s a continuous cycle that has been going on for too long since Vietnam and what not. It needs to end, I would love to see a candidate (Current Elections) that has the balls to stand up there and address this properly and say this needs to end and end with us and it ends now, these people deserve better, they have gone thru enough, they don’t need to start jumping through hoops on the behalf of bureaucracy and red tape. I think its bullshit!

SSL – I just hope that, I don’t know, the political arena is a joke pretty much, it doesn’t seem like it will get any better.

Taki – It seems to be getting worse doesn’t it?

SSL – Yes, unfortunately it is.

Taki – I know, look at the candidates out there and its depressing, it’s really depressing.

SSL – Sadly, it’s a joke.

Taki – Yeah, I agree with you. Totally!

SSL – I hate to see, and I am not declaring a position on the left or right or anything, I just hope that Hillary doesn’t get in there, she isn’t going to do anything for the troops.

Taki – Yeah, as much as I don’t have a problem with a woman being elected President, I think we are long overdue for a female President but, she just isn’t the right candidate right now, the last thing we need in the White House is another Bush or Clinton. HA! I got to be honest.

SSL – That is so true, I hear you.

Taki – I can’t believe a country that is as rich, powerful and advanced as us, that we have such a lack of depth in or candidate pool, it’s almost laughable when you look at both clowns on the isle.

SSL – Ha Ha! Right! (Thank you for taking the words out of my mouth)

Taki – It just makes you wonder who is really running the show, it’s obvious its corporations and big money and no one can talk the truth anymore in this country without being blacklisted or knocked out of the mainstream. It’s the modern age of what we are now, hopefully, we can’t lose hope but, it doesn’t look that good.

SSL – I don’t know, I am starting to like Trump right now, if there is anything we can take away from his candidacy right now is that at least he is speaking the truth right now and bringing up issues that are important.

Taki – Yeah, Yeah, I know. I think it’s good he is ruffling the feathers a bit, he isn’t ultra pc (politically correct) I don’t agree with everything he says but, he does take a stance for what he says and he pays a price for it, I think the fact that he is independently wealthy could be an asset to him in that it offsets him against the fact that he can’t be bought out by corporations and special interests you know? Maybe that’s a good thing. I don’t know.

SSL – Yeah.

Taki – Again, I don’t know, he certainly isn’t as smooth or as refined as some of these others that come along.

SSL – Laughing

Taki – Maybe, his style is what…

SSL – What we need..?

Taki – Yeah, maybe it’s what we need. We have had enough of this pc culture where everybody just complies with what everyone wants to hear, instead of going the hard road and trying to fight for truth and fight for what is right, we will have to see, we will see soon enough.

SSL – It should be interesting (laughing)

Taki – Yeah, comedians are loving it (laughing)

SSL – Okay, let’s get back to music shall we? I have been hearing “Immortal” all over the radio from Spokane to Seattle and it is still getting great radio play today. Wasn’t that single released in 2013?

Taki – Yeah, it came out late fall of 2013 and broke into radio at the top 15, I think it peaked at 13.

SSL – That is pretty good success.

Taki – Yeah, we were really, really grateful and excited about that success, especially our biggest single to date. Spokane and Seattle have always been really supportive of the band, I am really thank full of that support, like I have said before, I have the upmost respect for the Seattle music scene from the late 80’s, early 90’s and beyond, even to now. There has always been great art and music coming out of there, it’s just a rich pool of artistic people, just seems to be a great atmosphere for art music, it always has been. I love playing there, we have had some of best shows up there in the Pacific Northwest. When we were offered this show, it was a no brainer for us.

SSL – Yeah, it’s going to be a good show that’s for sure.

Taki – It’s a place where we feel like home, even thou we are on the East coast, it does feel like home.

SSL – That’s cool, that’s really cool to hear from you, we like to hear that as well.

Taki – Well, you know as a rock band, it’s really cool to go to places that people appreciate what you do whole heartedly and they know the lyrics, they are enthusiastic about you coming to town and Seattle being a larger city is a little bit different that other larger cities that we play in, it has a hometown feel when it comes to music and the shows. There seems to be a level of enthusiasm that isn’t rivaled by many other places. That holds a special place in our heart as musicians and performers, we always love going to destinations where they get it. They get it in Washington State, they get it on all levels, not just music, they get it on the environment, on politics, on climate change, and equality. They get it on everything.

SSL – Right, I have to agree with you again on that one!!

Taki – I wish there were more leaders emerging on a national scene from that area because their consciousness seems to be ahead of the curve, you know? and in more of the direction that I feel this country should be going.

SSL – That’s interesting, that’s true we really don’t see politicians coming out of this area.

Taki – I have always been a huge Pearl Jam fan and I love Eddie Vedder, and a lot of the things he stands and again I don’t agree with everything he says, but I really enjoy the fact that he is outspoken and puts his weight behind issues that are important to him. I think that is important, it’s good to have leadership figures in music, especially people that understand the issues and are willing to put themselves out there, so I have respect all the way around.

SSL – It’s kind of cool that we are seeing more message based tones to music, it seems that it is evolving and sending messages with relevance these days, or I should say more than ever before?

Taki – Yeah, it’s a cycle, you know, you have the 60’s and 70’s rock and roll has always been a platform for social conscious, revolution and awareness. I think it’s coming back around since the younger generation. We are starting to realize that things are not what they seem, it all comes back to authenticity and I do believe there is opportunity for artists to be discovered, but you really have to stand for what you believe in and you might be standing in the rain a little bit longer than they used to. But, I think as long as you keep that torch lit it can be seen and heard. Artists and musicians have so much more to endure now than they used to, as far as trying to make a living you know the streaming the royalties and the piracy, the general value of music has been de-valued by corporations and society in general. It’s a valance profession to encounter and endure now. The odds used to be difficult, now it’s almost impossible.

SSL – Yeah, there seems to be difficultly in breaking the ground for some.

Taki – There used to be a middle for artists, you didn’t have to be Bruce Springsteen to make a living. To tour and put out music independently you could make a decent living, you didn’t have to be a millionaire, now the disparity between the two is so alarming unless you are a platinum artist on a major label, and you are really having a hard time, a really hard time.

SSL – Yes, times are changing.

Taki – You can see some of these royalty statements from the streaming from like Spotify and what not, it’s hilarious, you know it’s obvious that someone is getting taken and it is the musicians for sure because the streaming services are making money, the labels are making money with the licenses and then there are the advertisers that are putting a lot of their money into advertising their products, there is money being exchanged but it’s kind of the same old story and its not going to the artists.

SSL – Yeah.

Taki – It’s going to the big business companies, it is funny how everyone was knocking the big labels and how it’s over but, actually it’s not over, they are actually more involved than ever. They are ones that own the catalogs, they are the ones that are licensing the songs and still making the money. The jokes is on us really. The death of the c.d has come and as far as a musician making more of a living by having more independence, I don’t see it happening. It’s more difficult.

SSL – Yeah, it is pretty hard out there.

Taki – It’s ruthless!

SSL – So, what inspires you to keep going?

Taki – There are other things that we do, we have diversified our income, and we are part owners in a bar in New York City. But, making music can’t just be about making money, sure you want to be compensated for your product and your time but, our connection with music, it’s a lot deeper in a sense that it is a bit of religion for us. In a way we meditate our thoughts through songs and performances. It’s a way of life, the connection I have to music is more about venting my frustrations I have with myself, my life or situations around me. It’s a therapy really and that’s what has kept me going. Also, having some success in the last few years and having an audience that really does connects with our catalog and our music, there seems to be a level of respect there that we hold mutually between us and the audience. Just quitting and throwing in the towel didn’t seem like the right thing to do, essentially the music doesn’t really belong to us anymore once you release it out there it takes a life of its own.

SSL – Yep, Yep, that last sentence is so true.

Taki – Our audience has really kept us going, we have had some hardships in the last few years, member changes, previous label and management changes, it’s been difficult for us to endure, to fight for our freedom and integrity. The reward is more than just monetary.

SSL – That’s good to hear. So, Lock and Loaded is doing pretty well, are you guys working on any new material? 2011

Taki – We are about to go make a new album in August, we just signed a deal with a German record label for the first time ever we will be putting out a Eve to Adam album throughout Europe and touring Europe next year in the fall of 2016. The album will be first available in Europe and then a deluxe version available in the U.S. early 2016

SSL – That’s cool, we are looking forward to the new album.

Taki – We have been in the midst of writing and working on new material, it’s been a long year for my brother and I, between coming off the road and having some members quit. My brother and I really had to hold the fort down and re-build. We are very lucky to find some amazing new musicians that wanted to be a part of the Eve to Adam family. They have brought some talents and energy to the table and this new line-up will be the first new featured on this new record. We completed a spring tour this year.

SSL – The 88 mph hour tour?

Taki – Yeah, Yeah.

SSL – I was looking at that tour, it seemed insane and a crazy time, something like 21 shows in 26 days?

Taki – Yeah, it was crazy and great at the same time, it gave us time to affirm that this line-up held water, and it did.

SSL – That’s good news.

Taki – It was a step forward for us as a group because, as a front man, I felt as I didn’t need to carry the show as much as I was before and freed me up to do other things and not have all the pressure on me. The new guys bring so much energy to the table, it’s exciting you know? Anytime you make changes you hope that you break into new territory and I am really happy to say that we have. And that’s why I am so excited to make this new album. We are going to break new ground, which is the only reason I still get excited about doing this, if you are doing the same old thing, I think that’s what kills the inner artist you know?

SSL – I do!

Taki – It kills the spirit of creativity and imagination. So many bands are continuously trying to put out the same album. We are not going into the studio trying to recreate Lock and Loaded. That ship has sailed, it’s a different group, it’s a different time and I am a different person than I was when it was 2012 and 2013. We keep moving and you have to evolve, you have to change, you have to mature otherwise, you are just recreating a moment that has passed. We are not in the business of doing that either.
They’ve remained consistent in their vision, consistent in their intention, and consistent in their determination to play it forward, regardless of the current trend in fashion, style or fad of the day.

SSL – So, will you be bringing any new songs to preview at the Tacoma show?

Taki – No, but we will be doing a cool cover of Filter’s “Hey Man, Nice Shot” for the show.

SSL – Nice! Well, I have taken so much of your time, is there anything that you would like to say to your fans?

Taki – Yes, what I would like to say to All Music Fans, if you really really believe in an artist and you love them and you made them a part of your life and they are important to your life than you should do anything you can to support them. Purchase their music whole heartedly, by tickets, see their shows and maybe pick up a piece of their merchandise. The big misconception is that a lot of artists are making large amounts of money and living opulent lifestyles and that can’t be further from the truth. The ones that are really doing real music and putting messages out there which most people connect with and find integrity in, it’s a real struggle. So, thank you to all of our fans for supporting us especially through these tough times.

SSL – I just want to wish you a great show in Tacoma and much more continued success in the future, it was such a pleasure talking to you.

Taki – Thank You, keep in touch and see you soon!

Taki spent a lot of time speaking of the music industry, definitely knowledgeable with the ins and outs of the music business with over some 18 plus years in the business. I have never experienced such an enthusiastically driven interview to date. So much solid advice that only hard work and experience can bring. I couldn’t have asked for a more down to earth and humbling guest to talk to.

Please see Eve to Adam’s official Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/officialevetoadam?fref=ts  and follow the band on Twitter.

To find out more about Rock and Rally for the Troops check out the concerts official event page here: https://www.facebook.com/RockandRallyForTheTroops?fref=ts




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