Featured Band of the Month: Meet Mississippi Jones

Featured Band of the Month: Meet Mississippi Jones

Described as brave, true, and arrestingly beautiful, Mississippi Jones is a genre bending electronic duo capturing something more encompassing than can be expected. Together Mississippi and J@$ work to create authentic original songs that celebrate revolution, love, independence, and connection. Their 13 track debut “Unreleased” is a blend of electronic, rock, pop, and soul brought together in a succinct collection that could only have been made in the 21st century. From hope to despondency, comfort to rebellion, the pain of leaving a true love behind and the celebration of finalizing a break from the negative, the album brings you all of the engaging involvement one could hope for, and opens up for the listener to find or create their own specific interpretation or experience within the music. Mississippi Jones has just released their debut album titled ‘Unreleased‘.

Mississippi Jones is:
Mississippi Jones, Vocals, Keyboards
J@$ Producer/Multi-Instrumentalist

SSL: Let’s start with a really easy question. What is the story behind the name Mississippi Jones?

M: I was named Mississippi at birth. Nina Simone wrote a song called Mississippi Goddamn during a time when she was writing revolutionary and vibrant songs. She was such an incredible voice. I’m guessing it was thought that her passion drive and honesty would carry over into me with that name. Jones refers to a Counting Crows song.

SSL: When did you discover that music was what you wanted to do with your life?

J: I knew it when I was 12. I started playing on pots and pans in the kitchen as a baby, then progressed to piano at a young age. the reveleation happened when I started playing guitar at age 12.

M: I’ve been playing music since I can remember. Music, musicians and expression have always driven my life.

SSL: What about music pushes you to continue to do what you do?

J: It’s internal, kind of like the same force that causes the heart to beat, except that it’s shared.

M: It’s such an accessible form of expression. To me, it’s the best form to be truly authentic about my experience.


Mississippi Jones Album Art

SSL: With all the goings on with Spotify and Streaming…What’s your outlook on the record industry today?

J: I love streaming because I can listen to whatever I choose, when and where I choose it. I’d be surprised to find a music fan out there that doesn’t enjoy that type of convenience. Streaming is the way things are going so it’s either get on board or get out of the way. I’d say that we need to update the laws in the US that deal with royalties and compensating songwriters so that they’re aligned with current technology and distribution, but we can work on that and embrace the future at the same time. Technology is leveling the playing field. A song can be recorded and released by just about anyone with access to a computer. That’s an incredible thing! The key is that you have to work hard to get people to listen, and you’d better make sure that what you’re putting out there for them is good or else their ears are on to the next thing right away.

SSL: What are some things you learned from making and releasing “Unreleased”?

J: The process seems to be a series of ever unfolding tasks. Once one item is done or close to done, there’s always one more thing that needs to happen in the project.
M: It’s important to have a collaborator with a similar work ethic. You have to decide what matters and prioritize and be able to let some things go

SSL:  If you could define what makes you different from all other bands out there, what would it be? Why should people listen to Mississippi Jones?

M: Different people have different impressions on what makes us unique, and that’s how we like it. We don’t want to have a rigid construct of our identity.

J: Along the same lines, we don’t adhere to creating songs limited to a particular style, sound or genre. That way there’s room to grow and explore, experiment and be creative.

M: If it was defined, it would be a purple persimmon that grows on a red and orange tree.

SSL: Why should people listen to Mississippi Jones?

Because you’ll feel better after you listen to us. 100% guaranteed. If we’re wrong we’ll send you a tshirt.

SSL: How would you define “success” for you?

J: There’s various stages and degrees of “success”. I feel like I’ve succeeded when someone tells me that a song has connected and resonated with them, or that they were moved. Recording and releasing an album independently with a very limited budget is a success to me.

M: Seeing people connect with and wanting to propagate art whether that’s sharing what we’ve done or creating their own.

Website: http://mississippijones.com
Streaming: http://mississippijones.bandcamp.com
Facebook: https://facebook.com/mississippijones8
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/mississippijonestv
Twitter: http://twitter.com/misisipjns




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