FEATURED BAND OF THE MONTH: William Perry Moore of the Adarna Talks Jet City Rock and Puts Everything into Perspective

FEATURED BAND OF THE MONTH: William Perry Moore of the Adarna Talks Jet City Rock and Puts Everything into Perspective

We sat down with William Perry Moore from the local Jet City Rock band known as The Adarna.  The Adarna has been rocking the scene since 2010 and have just released their latest record titled “How Perspective”.

Taking their name from a mythical phoenix-like songbird in Filipino folklore, The Adarna [pronounced uh-darr-nuh] are the first band to ever coin their genre as “Jet City Rock”. The Adarna is William Moore (Vocal Viking, Axe Wielder), Andrea Jasek (Lead Axe Ninja, Vocal Pirate), Murdock (Drum Blaster, Doom-hammer Mage), Raymond Cheng (Bass Ballz , Back-up Mouth) and Shana Fairchild (Support Battalion)


SSL: Cutting right to the chase—What’s the meaning behind the name of the new album ‘How Perceptive”? What can we expect to hear from this, the Adarna​’​s latest effort?

William: “This record touches a lot of colors of The Adarna​. I think the album really shows how much we’ve grown, bled, and sweat since our 2012 self-titled EP. In regards to the title of the album, I think our guitarist Andrea Jasek said it best, “The title of How Perceptive refers to gaining perceptions from the experiences in life you’ve had​.​” ​

SSL: The Artwork on the CD is pretty rad. Who designed it and whats the story behind the design?

William: “The concept and design was our collaborative idea. We wanted to​ ​incorporate the Adarna bird, from Filipino folklore, into the cover and let it bleed over to the background of the band.”

SSL: We’re not going to ask you to describe your “ sound” but can you explain the personal importance to you as a band to keep your sound evolving? Or is it important?

William: “​​We’ve been pretty lucky with being able to evolve our sound naturally. We had a goal in mind when we decided to push the genre of Jet City Rock. Since the genre is heavily dependent upon crowd interaction, it became very easy to see which songs rubbed crowds the right/wrong way.”

SSL: How do you feel the music has changed from your last album to this one?

William: ​”The music on How Perceptive is more to the point and better guided. We were stoked to get to work with our producer, Len Hotrum, and engineer, Chris Rahm. Both of them are people we trust musically to draw out what is needed from us to make each song the best it can be.”

SSL: Last Year the Adarna went on a pretty big nationwide tour. What was the most interesting city you played in? Why?

William: ​”For each of us, a stop of the tour meant validation in towns we grew up in. We wanted to show our friends, fans, and family how we’ve grown and we each got a chance to do that in Chicago IL, Philadelphia PA, Danville PA, and Rochester NY. As a group, it was particularly fun to go alien hunting in Roswell NM and checkout the testing site for the first atomic bomb in White Sands.”

SSL: Give us a day in the life on the Adarna Tour bus. There has to be at least one good story.

William: “​There’s a lot of fun things that happen on our darling tour bus we’ve dubbed “Wendy.” A normal day consists of trying to find southern BBQ, figuring out if we “can fit a bus through there”, finding coffee, jump-roping in strange places, and preparing for being able to put on a kick ass show night after night. All while educating our fellow bandmates on anything from Luciano​ ​Pavarotti to Meshuggah.”

​SSL: You guys have a ton of shows lined up in 2015 from April all the way through October. What are you guys most excited about with this tour?

William: “We have a few shows that we are pretty stoked about including the CD Release shows, Saikou Con in Pennsylvania, and Comicpalooza in Texas. However we are all honored to be playing for the troops in the Middle East over the holidays in 2015.”

SSL: Talk to us about the June 20th Show. It is going to be The ‘Superman’ video release. Got anything you can leak about the video?

William: “We are so pumped for the next video we are filming with Avast Productions! We are actually starting filming for Superman end of April so the best teaser I can give you is… rock n roll and a huge tesla coil! June 20th @8pm at The Feedback Lounge, free admission!”

SSL: So you guys are “Jet City Rock”. Explain that. What, exactly, is Jet City Rock?

William: “Jet City Rock is a nod to our hometown of Seattle while separating ourselves from bands that are more heavily dependent upon technology like triggers, backing tracks, and pitch correction​. We made this style interactive in a time when technology has come to over-saturate our lives so we can share in​ an experience that can’t be quantified with an Instagram post or a Facebook video. In other words, “put down your phone and let’s party.”

SSL: So, if Jet City Rock made its way onto a TV show.. What show would it be?

William: “Anything starring Bear Grylls or Rufio from Hook :)”


So here is the lowdown.. If you dig a band that rocks with no backing tracks or computers Jet City Rock is for you. That said be sure you make it out to their FREE “Superman” video release party on June 20th at the Feedback. Check The Adarna out at all the links below for more information.

Check the Adarna out online at theadarna.com
Merch & Music: squareup.com/market/the-adarna
Music Avail on iTunes: tinyurl.com/adarnaitunes
Tour dates: theadarna.com/tour.html




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