Gyspsyhawk: Get Your Boogie on Metal Style!

Gyspsyhawk: Get Your Boogie on Metal Style!

Gypsyhawk band photo

Seattle Sound Live interview with Eric Harris of Gypsyhawk

I had the opportunity to chat with Eric Harris (bass & vocals) from Gypsyhawk on the phone a bit as he and the rest of the guys are on the road working their way toward our fair city of Seattle. Through bad reception and dropped calls we managed a brief interview. No matter how brief the conversation was however it got me very excited for the show on Saturday (9/21/2013) with Scorpion Child, Kadavar, Wilson & Mothership! I highly recommend all of you out there to get pumped and hit Numos for some “boogie metal” as their music has been coined; or as Eric puts it “music for guys to bang their heads to and girls to shake their asses too!”

So you guys are talking to me from the road because you’re out on tour, who are you touring with?

We’re out with Scorpion Child and Kadavar from Nuclear Blast Records and Mothership and Wilson as well.

So are you guys out touring to promote something or touring just…to tour?

Well I guess it’s technically the 2nd cycle of our tour for our 2nd album, 1st album on Metal Blade Records, Revelry & Resilience.

Tell me a little bit about the history of the band?

I started it in 2008, in Pasadena CA, met this dude Andrew who was this guitar player I knew who wanted to do something like this. Then we met up with another guitar player, and then we had our drummer named Joe. Played with those guys for a year or so, made a demo and sent it out. It got intercepted by a friend who owned a record label, Creator-Destructor Records in San Francisco. He was like “I wanna put this album out” so he put out our first album on Creator-Destructor. Then our guitar player and drummer left. Then we got our guitar player Erik Kluiber and Ian Brown our drummer and so those guys played with us since after those guys left. Then we got picked up by Metal Blade Records after being asked to play a show with Holy Grail. So yeah we got picked up by Metal Blade, put out this album, Revelry & Resilience, and then we just got another guitar player Ben Robins and everything is pretty much done now and we’re just ready to hit the road like we’re doing.

So how has the tour been going, anything particularly interesting?

Ummmm…yeah, no, no. We’ve pretty much just been driving. We had to drive ourselves out to the tour. So for the first 3 days we went from LA to Reno, Reno to Salt Lake, Salt Lake to Denver, Denver to Nebraska, a day off then Nebraska to Chicago, Chicago to Minneapolis, then Minneapolis all the way to Seattle. So mostly driving so not really any cool stories, like that time we did so much drugs we stayed in a tree overnight. (laughs)

Sadly I’ve yet to catch you guys live, so what could I and my fellow Seattleites expect from your show on Saturday at Numos?

We’ve been up in Seattle quite a few times, it’s fucking rad! I think we played Seattle every tour that we’ve been on minus maybe one since we started. We have a friend up there, Adam; he’s like a booking agent or something. So we’ve played at the Rat and Raven, a lot at the Comet, we were at Numos last year with the Sword, that was rad. So I’m super stoked to play there again because that place was super rad! Everyone can pretty much just expect a party!

The last album, Revelry & Resilience, was released in 2012, any plans to start recording again or just tour for a while?

Well we’re slated to record in March of next year so the album should be out around summer time. Then we’ll probably go out on another tour to pump that album up.

Is there any particular Tour experience that stands out as being either really awesome or really horrible?

You know I feel like there should be one but it’s kind of amalgamation of all of the ones together so It’d be like trying to tell a story and it’d be like “oh this one time…” and it’d be in Texas then the next morning we’d be in Detroit and you’d be like “what?!”.  Nothing crazy, especially for the last couple of tours we’ve just been trying to hold it together and stay on the road for as long as possible, and that requires just a little bit of fucking self-control! (laughs)   I will say though, every time we play Reno, Nevada it’s always the next day like “man that’s awesome I’m never going to be able to do things like that in my life again.”

Actually the last time in Reno our friend came to the show and gave us hugs and he’s like “that’s not my dick rubbing up against you, that’s my gun” (laughs) and it turns out in Nevada you can just straight up carry fire arms with you. So he’s got a 45 that he just had in his pants, and while he’s playing pool he’s like “Hey man ya wanna come in the back alley and pop off a few rounds?”  I’m like “Noooot right now, sounds cool but I’m yeah I’m gonna wait.”

For anyone that hasn’t heard your music, how would you describe it?

It’s music for guys to band their heads to and girls to shake their asses too! We’ve been coined Boogie Metal.

What are some of your musical influences? 

(And the call drops off as they drive through some mountain pass somewhere in the middle of nowhere! Luckily he gains reception again shortly and calls me back!)

We listen to a lot of stuff but umm…Motorhead, a lot the early punk bands, bands like Deep Purple, definitely deep purple. We take our influences from a lot of places. It’s not like just one well spring where we just draw from one genre we’re all just really big fans of music.

Is there anything you guys would like to promote while I have you here?

Yeah totally, we’re doing an indie go go campaign to raise money for a new van, a better running van. So there’s a page I don’t know how you get to that really(laughs) but I guess you can just Google Gypsyhawk Indie go-go campaign, or go to our Facebook everything is linked there. There’s a bunch of cool shit that we’ll do for you if you pay us money! It’s like the closes thing we could offer to prostitution!

To help the guys out I’ll do the heavy lifting here. Just follow this link to contribute the Gypsyhawk prostitution…eh hem I mean van fundraiser!

Anything else you want to say to the fans before we wrap up?

Buy our CD! (laughs) Or have your parents buy our CD!

More things made easy for you! Follow the links below to buy the CD or like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter, or better yet all of the above!





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Christian Hamilton

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