Joe Paisley of Moretta Talks about the bands debut record, music and Grand Theft Auto

Joe Paisley of Moretta Talks about the bands debut record, music and Grand Theft Auto

We recently ran a small feature about the killer scene on the other side of the mountain and we were so impressed with one of the bands we showcased there that we really wanted to bring you more. Yesterday we sat down with Joe Paisley who is the frontman for the killer Coeur d’Alene band Moretta for a more in depth look at his bands soon to be released debut record and a whole wide range of other things.

In a genre that has become increasingly stagnant by imitation, Moretta finds their footing by refusing to let the genre define them. Every song meticulously crafted to deliver that special something listeners feen for. With choruses you’ll catch yourself singing at work, blended tastefully with breakdowns you can’t help but play along to on your steering wheel, Moretta truly brings it.  Lyrically, they challenge you to look within to find purpose and meaning, urging you to no longer accept the lies being fed through news and religion; Moretta is asking you to think for yourself, find forgiveness, and take on your internal demons with strength.

Moretta is Joe Paisley- Vocals,  KC Marotta- Drums,  Zach Wirchak- Guitar and Conner Schneberger- Bass.


SSL: You are releasing a your self titled, debut record on the 14th of April. Describe what we are going to hear.

JOE: “Throughout the entire writing and recording process, there were no ideas left unexplored. “Wait, what if we went into 12/8 time for one measure right here? Then back to 5/4… then into a techno break!” haha… alright! Let’s give it a go! You’ll be tapping your toe to a heavy breakdown, and then a few seconds later you’re hearing acoustic guitar over some 70’s synth. All in good taste, of course.”

SSL:  You wrote all the songs on the debut record, can you tell us a bit about your writing process. Did the music affect the lyrics or vice versa?

JOE: “A little bit of both, actually. I typically start by piecing together some basic, watered down song structure to give myself at least something I can hum along to throughout the day. Once I form a melody in my head, I’ll sit back down with the guitar and mold the two together. I also write stuff in my sleep. I dream that I’m playing guitar and wake up with new material…which is kind of creepy but… haha, it happens.”

SSL: What is your favorite track off the new album and why?

JOE: “I can’t even! I like all the songs for different reasons. And that’s not just me being an arrogant, biased clown. It was our goal to give every song it’s own special moment. We wanted every track to trigger the listener’s “Oh yeah, this song has that badass part” reflex. Hopefully we succeeded.” (question successfully avoided)

While Joe did manage to succeed in dodging, We succeeded in getting our hands on a new Moretta track to showcase. Check it out!

SSL:  Alan Sanderson Mastered the record. How did the finished record benefit by having a Grammy Award winner on board ?

JOE: “How that whole situation came to fruition is still a fairytale. But  that’s a story for another time. Bill Nieman at Rainbow Trout Studios did an incredible job on the album. Having Alan’s expertise sprinkled on top gave each track their own character. You can easily pick out the different layers and it doesn’t sound like every song was just smashed through the same compression machine.”

SSL: What’s the most ‘rock star’ thing that you’ve ever done as a group?

JOE: “Ordered pizza, then made the delivery guy come inside and sing Limp Bizkit’s “Nookie” with us. He was surprisingly terrible.”

SSL: If you could get Moretta on tour with any band, LIVING OR DEAD, who would it be and why?

JOE: “For me personally, I would have to say Thrice. I have always been inspired by their musical versatility and powerful lyrical content. Nothing More would also be rad to go on tour with. They are by far the best band I’ve seen live in the last 400 years.”

SSL: What do you think about Gene Simmons’ recent calling out of bands who use backing tracks in their shows?

JOE: “I only listen to what Gene Simmons has to say when it’s Craig Gass (comedian) doing his impression of Gene Simmons.”

SSL: What’s your take on the record industry today?

JOE: “People will always love music. However, the way people get music is ever-evolving. The model will adapt to feed the relationship. But as it stands right now, the one thing we’ve discovered is that the Internet can’t replace the emotion/power/social aspect of a live performance.”

SSL: What are, in your opinion, the biggest obstacles for indie or unsigned bands?

JOE: “Market saturation, delusion, and money.”

SSL: If you could pick one video game to have a soundtrack on what game would it be and what track off the new record would you choose?

JOE: “Grand Theft Auto. My track of choice would have to be “Emergency”. Just because I like the idea of blasting it at full volume as I’m face-punting pedestrians with a monster truck, while wearing nothing but cowboy boots. Yeehaw.”

I know you want to know when the next Moretta show is… So do we! The word on the street is that Moretta is waiting until after they release their debut, self titled album to book shows. To keep updated on what is going on with the band check them out online:





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