Local Grunge Legends Show Love for Mother Love Bone Mom

Local Grunge Legends Show Love for Mother Love Bone Mom

Andy Wood grew up on Bainbridge and died after a heroin overdose in 1990. His death came just before Mother Love Bone’s debut album was released and the music scene was adapting to a movement that would later be dubbbed “Grunge“. Wood is considered a icon The Grunge Movement and his band Mother Love Bone is Seattle rock royalty. Woods former bandmates, Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament, brought on Eddie Vedder to fill the shoes of their fallen frontman and subsiquentially renamed the band to Pearl Jam. That brings us where we are today.


As reported in the Kitsap Sun, members of the iconic grungers Pearl Jam along with their enourmous fanbase have just purchased a home for their tragically lost former lead singers mother, Toni Wood. The mother of rock royalty said in a statement “The part of the house I like best is the love that got it for me”. It was Gossard who reportedly remained in contact with Toni and her two other sons and was the mastermind behind the home upgrade.

I all started on the band’s website where Gossard described Toni as “a magical woman” whose “spirit is close to Andy’s, to whom she gave so much love, humor and spark. “Toni is now in her 70s and living in a leaky, dilapidated trailer with bad wiring, while still being a part-time caregiver,” Gossard went on to say. “The more (Ament) and I learned about her situation, the more we felt we couldn’t ignore it. We decided to go for it and get her a new trailer.”

All in all fans donated more than $36,000 plus $40,000 from the members of Pearl Jam and Mother Love Bone’s former manager.





Christian Hamilton

Christian Hamilton

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