No Talent Needed – Just Ask Miley Cyrus

No Talent Needed  – Just Ask Miley Cyrus
I really, probably, shouldn’t but I am going to take a minute to talk about the travesty that was aired last night that was once known as the VMAs but what can know easily be seen as simply a direct assault on the sensibility of humanity. I have seen a lot of shock and awe at the Miley Cyrus performance and here is my take on it.
We as a whole have condoned this type of behavior within the youth of America. The Pop Culture in America has been enabled by people that choose to look the other way or somehow find a way to excuse the type of obnoxious behavior witnessed last night. It has glamorized, rationalized and normalized youth pregnancy with shows like 16 and pregnant. It has taught the American youth that being pretty is far more important than being smart as it boasts shows that parade children around in more makeup than a drag queen prostitute walking the Seattle strip all in an attempt to be crowned a “Beauty Queen”.
Talented musicians with morals and ethics and did I mention TALENT ? are often placed aside and replaced by the far less talented musician that is willing to exploit themselves for what they call “Art” or “Freedom of expression” in an attempt to drive ratings. They spew hatred in their lyrics and exploit impressionable children with sexual acts and content far beyond what their years could allow them to understand. Their vulgar acts directly reflect their vulgar lyrics. They are demeaning, they are disgusting and they are NOT art but we allow this type of behavior to come into our homes thus becoming “Normal”.
It has become clearer and clearer that talent is not needed to make it onto the stage of what used to be the coveted, the Mecca of music. MTV is rich, full of lackluster talent used to draw attention not to music but rather to a parade of spectacles that has a sole purpose of shocking the  public into talking about them again. It is much like we saw with the Boston Bomber on the cover of the Rolling Stone, these once giants in the music industry are now fighting for survival and they are banking on the de-evolution of Pop Culture to drive sales and ratings and its working.

I, for one, am not shocked at all by the actions of the former Mickey Mouser.. Hana Montana.. Whatever. I am actually sad that this is now the new normal and what were once fads only seen in the raunchiest of night clubs are now mainstream enough to air for the entire world to see without regret or repercussions… That is until it becomes our children acting out this way but then its already too late and we will be left wondering…. how….




Christian Hamilton

Christian Hamilton

Christian is the founder and Editor of Rock Paper Rock as well as a freelance concert and event photographer serving the Pacific Northwest and Beyond. He is a certified member of the PPA and Gold Level member of the CPS. He has recently began working with Mental Itch Records and has launched his own Photography website.

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