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Rocking in the New Year with Abney Park

Rocking in the New Year with Abney Park

Seattle based steampunk band, Abney Park, rocked and rang in the New Year with an outstanding performance at the historic Columbia City Theater, located in Seattle. Along with their signature visual imagery and stage attire, the band had a highly charged set, which also included counting down the end of 2016, raising a toast and welcoming 2017.

The Columbia City Theater, celebrating its one hundred year anniversary, was the perfect venue for the evening’s performance. Abney Park’s musical history spans over twenty years, which includes nineteen albums, three novels, a live DVD and a role playing game. According the to the band’s website, Abney Park describes its sound as a mixture of Gypsy rock, EMD, electro swing, industrial, and Western music. Each song had the audience, many of whom were also dressed in their best steampunk attire, dancing, singing and enjoying themselves. The best way to describe the atmosphere of the evening was that it was a non-stop party full of energy and fun.

Though Abney Park has a large arsenal of music at their disposal, they band focused heavily on their latest release, Under the Floor, Over the Wall, as well as Aether Shanties, Wasteland and The End of Days. Though the band didn’t reach as far back their earliest releases, the band put on a solid and amazing performance. Abney Park’s music translates very well live and their live performance makes them one of the bands you should put on the must see list. With awesome lighting, sound, costumes and interaction with the audience, the evening was a nonstop excitement from the beginning to the end.

From the awesome vocals / accordion / darbuka (goblet drum) / harmonica ability of Robert Brown, to the exception keyboard playing of Kristina Erickson, the superb low end bass playing of Derek Brown, the exceptional playing of violinist Gabrielle Marshall, and the amazing guitar wizardry of Skye Warden, Abney Park did not leave anyone disappointed as their set came to end.

The band also proved that they were a class act by spending time with members of the audience, signing merchandise, taking pictures and sharing a few drinks.

Opening the show was Soul of the Gypsy’s Temple, who got those who arrived early grooving with their EDM / Trance / Soul style of music.

Set list
Your Escape
Throw Them Overboard
Born at the Wrong Time
Armor and Flight
Now Way Out
Under The Floor
Until the Day You Die
Victorian Vigilante
The Anthropophagists’ Club
Two Elixirs
Minnie the Moocher
Auld Lang Syne
Aether Shanty
Airship Pirate
Building Steam
The Wrong Side
His Imaginary World

Space Cowboy
Hired Gun
Ripples of Epiphany
Ancient World
I’m Glad I Lost You




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