Steel Panther gave Seattle All They can Eat

Steel Panther gave Seattle All They can Eat

The rock band Steel Panther was geared up to embark on their “All You can Eat Tour” and it is now officially off, running and taking the country by storm. The tour kicked off in an epic, sold out fashion at the Showbox Sodo in Seattle this past weekend. Around 9pm, drummer Stix Zadinia, guitarist Satchel, bassist Lexxi Foxx and the always charismatic lead singer Michael Starr took the stage to a barrage of screaming “Fanthers”. The band wasted little time jumping straight into their 15 song set with a high octane live rendition of “Pussy Whipped”.  The bands seemingly endless reserve of energy was infectious and it resonated throughout the crowd providing an electric atmosphere throughout the night.

The band, breaking in between songs, had a bit of quick-witted  fun as they often do throughout their sets. The banter between band members is filled with a certain chauvinistic brand of comedy. The jesting and joking often trickled into the crowd in a fun, teasing way which is used to rile up the audience with a big laugh and a great song to follow. Holding true to tradition and after riling up the sold-out Seattle crowd the band dove into an insane, over the top version of their hit track  “Party Like Tomorrow Is The End Of The World”

What Steel Panther show would be complete without an “Asian Hooker”? The boisterous and lively songs that Steel Panther brings to the stage are, in part, their appeal.  All of the fun and crazy antics on stage in the world cannot overshadow the fact that Steel Panther is as talented a group of musicians there is. The proof of how talented these guys are is in the pudding and during guitarist Satchel’s riveting guitar solo mid set there was pudding for days.  This guy, Satchel, can melt faces… bottom line.

Breaking every three songs or so to play to the crowd, the set was full of signature Steel Panther antics, in your face full frontal, if you will,  lyrics and a true musical prowess that is often overlooked.  The true genius of Steel Panther is that they have found a way to bring that nostalgic, 80’s hair metal into 2014. A true testament to the group is how successful they have been bridging the gap 0f todays metal music with that of yesterdays and doing it in a way that has mass appeal.

“Party All Day” rounded out the set and  re-electrified the audience wrapping up a night of rock and roll in true Steel Panther Style. Whether you like their “Style” or not, part of their appeal is that, they don’t seem to take this all too seriously. They joke and they play and they seemingly are going to have the last laugh as they show no signs of slowing down. There will always be haters, always be someone making them, Steel Panther, the butt of their jokes and that in and of itself is part of their appeal… You see… Steel Panther is actually cashing in on the jokes.

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Christian Hamilton

Christian Hamilton

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