The Mothership has come to take you to The Bright Side of Dim

The Mothership has come to take you to The Bright Side of Dim
Mothership's Bright Side of Dim

Album artwork for The Mothership’s Bright Side of Dim

A beautiful spring day, sun shining, driving with the windows down and ‘Belly Acher’ is blaring thru the speakers. This combination brings me to an almost zen like state of mind…and that’s just ONE song off of The Bright Side of Dim, the new album from The Mothership!

After receiving this album for review, I was asked by one of the band members if I thought it was “too long”? HA! Too long? If anything it’s not long enough. Since it’s come into my possession it’s been in constant rotation. I can barely contain the excitement I’m feeling about seeing them perform songs from this album live at the Crocodile, during their CD release party March 28th, 2014.

The Bright Side of Dim is the perfect storm of sound that will sweep you away and take you on a mind blowing musical journey. The level of musicianship poured into this record is just outstanding; every note hits the mark without a single extraneous beat. Every track stands alone and has something different to love.One thing all the tracks have is powerful vocals; be it from front man Johndus Beckman, whose vocals range from notes as warm and smooth as liquid gold to within the next a heartbeat being full of gravel and rasp with the punch of a heavyweight boxer. Or from guitarist Paul Fraser who is equally powerful yet will still make you melt with his melodic vocals. Bassist Ryan Thornes, also lends his voice to a song on the album as well as of course his hypnotic rhythms. Finally bringing it all together is the ever so talented Will Andrews on drums. Delivering the crisp clean percussion at the heart of every song.

The album has everything you could want from catchy melodies you’ll be humming for days to deep heart wrenching lyrics.  If you weren’t a Mothership fan before listening to The Bright Side of Dim, you will be before the end of the first song. No matter what order you play it in!


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Christian Hamilton

Christian Hamilton

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