Windowpane Live at the Showbox

Windowpane Live at the Showbox

The Seattle rockers known as Windowpane threw down on November 2nd in front of the 100’s in attendance at the sold out Showbox. Windowpane is a mainstay in the Seattle rock music scene and are currently the most popular independently distributed hard rock band in the Northwest. There’s no denying that Glenn Cannon, Tony Abreu, Mark Harris and Sean Morrison, AKA Windowpane, have an amazing chemistry on stage. They combine to bring down the house with little to no gimmicks or theatrics but rather rely on what they call the ” Raw & ugly truth that IS American, dirty guitar driven, Rock & Roll”. Selling over 10,000 albums to date, Cannon and crew may be onto something here.


 As expected, Cannon’s voice was in pitch perfect form all night and Harris brought an undeniable level of energy to the stage crushing the bass. There was a genuine sense of excitement within Harris. Watching him up there playing and jumping around it was evident that the dude loves what he does, and rightfully so.  Morrison, hard hitting and on time, dropped bombs all over the sold out Showbox crowd but the highlight of the set was one Tony Abreu. Abreu, armed with a shiny new Gibson Custom Shop “Collectors Choice” limited ’59 clone, shredded the six string.  Abreu, ripped through a scorching set filled with face-melting riffs but more importantly it was obvious he was having one hell of a time doing it.


 Follwing stellar opening sets by Jason Kertson and the Immortals, Mothership and Jaded Mary, Windowpane tore through their set featuring songs off of their record “Daybreak” and debuting songs like “Welfare Line” off of their most recent demo titled “Rough and Tumble”.



Feeding off the energy of the capacity crowd Windowpane continued to throw down crisp solos, diving bass lines and epic vocals. Barely seeming to break a sweat under the lights, Cannon, Harris, Abreu and Morrison appeared to be having just as much fun as the fist pumping, head-banging Seattle rockaholics packed in front of the Showbox stage. 



The band maintained their energy all night delivering an epic, high octane performance. There is no doubt in my mind as to why Windowpane continues to be a Seattle rock and roll mainstay or why they have sold over 10,000 records. Its actually quite simple. It is their realness, their rawness and the fact that they themselves are true fans and now I have the T Shirt to prove it.




Christian Hamilton

Christian Hamilton

Christian is the founder and Editor of Rock Paper Rock as well as a freelance concert and event photographer serving the Pacific Northwest and Beyond. He is a certified member of the PPA and Gold Level member of the CPS. He has recently began working with Mental Itch Records and has launched his own Photography website.

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