Album Review: The Spider Ferns, ‘Soon Enough’

Album Review: The Spider Ferns, ‘Soon Enough’

Some albums are meant for a specific purpose whether it is to bring joy, sorrow or hate. The Spider Ferns new album,Soon Enough, is the album that will elicit emotions and transfer the listener into a vivid dreamscape. The propose of this album is to take you away from life, into the world where music such as this, can only be made in a barn near a base of a small mountain, late at night.

FullSizeRender-14The album mixes elements of electronic, indie, folk and pop all into one. The songs “Distant Meadow”, “Windfall” and “Strange Weather” are the songs that will transport the listener to other orbital dimensions. These songs give a glimpse into the music creativity of this amazing duo, Kelly and Alton Fleek. The album proceeds into territories that you would not consider. In songs such as “Wonder”, “The sun has gone down for you” and “The Pressure”, have a very retro feel with some Pink Floyd sound structures within these songs. The layout of most the songs on the album are very unusual in that their seems to be very little, if any structure in the songs. Yet for Spider Ferns it actually elevates these song. The lack of structure actually adds to a more visual sound painting for the listener.

There are two songs that seem to transcend a genre. “My Direction” is a hypnotic song galvanized with a jazz vibe in a retro music framework. The song starts with very subtle drums playing in the intro. Next, an atmospheric synth sound is added to create very imaginative textures to the song, which gradually leads into a jazz type vibe in the bass line. The vocals sweep in unexpectedly. The vocals are precisely layered against the music, strong enough to be felt yet subtle enough to not overshadow the vibe of the song. The song closes with the singer, Kelly Fleek, repeating, I’ve seen all before/ I’ve said it a lot/ This is my direction. “Fortune” is the song that must be heard with headphones to really feel the power of this song. The song builds up with a synth landscape of sound then almost eerily, a heavy synth growl comes fluttering in back and forth between speakers creating a horror movie type quality. With a subtle electric guitar, and a sweet yet eerie vocal line of Kelly Fleek, perfectly communicates the emotions of the song. In this one song, the listener gets multiple layers of beats, synths, and genres.

Spider Ferns new album, Soon Enough, is an epic escape from reality that we all need to experience. With songs that transition from dance to experimental synth pop. The duo from the Northwest have a sound unlike any other northwest artists. This is their direction for music, their escape, won’t you come and join them?




Christian Hamilton

Christian Hamilton

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