Chop Suey Reborn: The Soft Re-Opening of a Music Club in Seattle

by Christian Hamilton | March 13, 2015 5:05 pm

On Madison Avenue, there sits the venue, Chop Suey which everyone originally added to the growing list of venues to close. Once again the Seattle music scene came through again. Chop Suey is reborn and maybe even better than before. On a evening with perfect weather in the Northwest, the soft reopening of Chop Suey commenced with several great bands.

Photo By Ruben Lira

[1] Photo By Ruben Lira

The opening band, Ka, who is formed with former members of Lemolo and Kithkin were amazing. This is a band that has no album released, little merchandise and very little music available. Yet with such little known of this band, there is this mysterious quality that seems to be developing a lot of hype in the music scene for Ka. They play a doom rock sound with heavy reverb and delay on the guitar. The Vocals, Alex Barr, saturated with heavy reverb on his voice and the bass player, John O’conner, leading the melodies with heavy distortion on the bass. I was blown away with how they commanded the stage with an arrogance that works great for this band. The best way to think of their music would be a horror movie soundtrack.

They build up the songs through intricate sound building which culminates into Alex Barr fierce vocals and Kendra Cox, thunderous drums. The inspiring mesh of sound will leave any crowd speechless. Their best song performed was “Peg”, which shows how the band has mastered the art of balancing the doom rock sound with mesmerizing lyrics. I love the focus on the bass which seems to carry most of the melodies in the songs. They were a perfect compliment for the rest of the bands but in my opinion they are the band that everyone needs to be aware of. As soon as everyone gets know them. They are going to be one of the main bands of the Seattle music scene.

Photo By Ruben Lira

[2] Photo By Ruben Lira

The last band, Constant Lovers, is a band that has a sound that is dirty, raunchy, guitar driven rock that will guarantee too leave a ringing in your ears, yet you will still want to hear more. The vocalist, Joel Culpin, sang with a classic punk attitude in the vocals. The drummer, Ben Verellen, has no issue with pounding the drums with an immense intensity that you almost felt the entire floor shake. They played some of their best songs, “Mush Teeth” and “You Look Smashing.” This is the band that really took the stage and played every song with an intensity that only Chop Suey could hold. They ended their set with “Experience Feelings.” Constant Lovers is the band that you have to see live, in order to feel their music. They had the entire crowd moshing and headbanging for more music.

Overall, this night was really about the venue. Now with a classic red curtain opening up to the crowd, the floor is now opened to the bar, and with a more open flow for the entire crowd. With a little bit of activity for anyone including pinball machines. With all the talk of the demise of the Capitol Hill music scene Chop Suey’s rebirth is something that is great to see. A venue re-establishing itself in an area that was thought to be devoid of music venues on further shows that the Seattle scene will survive. We don’t know what the future of the music scene holds in Capitol Hill but maybe for at least a little while, this could be the venue to stall those talks of the demise of the music scene.


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