Dane Creek of Rain Light Fade talks about their new record ‘Slaves and Sinners’ and the effects of Human Trafficking on our Society

Dane has a way with words in which he is able to give a very unique perspective on things. He gives answers which are straight forward but very intensely layered with details. Some of the answers may surprise some.

SSL: Who are your biggest inspirations and what impact did they have on your direction in music?

DANE: For me personally, I was a choir kid who grew up listening to rock. Everything from Rush to Duran Duran to Alice In Chains. I was also into theater. And then I discovered Depeche Mode, who probably ended up being my biggest musical influence. All of these have bled into my writing. So, for me, Rain Light Fade has been the perfect outlet to merge the electronic, the rock, and the theater.

SSL: What was the songwriting process when you were creating the lyrics? (Did you do anything different compared to other albums, especially considering the unique focus of this particular album.)

DANE: So far, our writing process has always been the same- I compile a bunch of demos… basic song ideas with melodies and lyrics. The guys listen through them and we find the stuff that is the most cohesive. Then we arrange them as a band. We never set out with a goal to make an album about human trafficking, but as I was writing the material that ended up on “Slaves and Sinners,” the subject just kept feeding the lyrics, which in turn influenced the sounds and arrangements we ended up using.

SSL: The new album is about a very sensitive issue, why did you guys feel the need to address this topic for an album?

DANE: Because it needs to be addressed. First, not many people realize that sex trafficking is happening in the United States, or that it’s happening on such a large scale. Second, it needs to be addressed by men; the perpetrators of these crimes are men by and large, so it’s about time that men take a stand against it. Third, I’m a dad, and so many of the victims forced into this are the same age as my daughters. They’re kids. If we don’t fight on behalf of the innocent, who will?

SSL: Why do you think human trafficking is such a non-topic for Seattle and the state as a whole? Do you feel people just try to ignore the issue ? ( it seems like people just don’t believe it is happening or is not an issue in the states)

DANE: I think the main reason it’s such a non-topic is because people are unaware that it’s happening. They think crimes like this only happen in other parts of the world, or that the prostitutes they see on the street are there by choice. But more than anything, I think it’s an easy topic to ignore because it makes people uncomfortable. We live in a culture that objectifies women at every turn, and people don’t want to face the fact that that kind of culture breeds this kind of disease.

SSL: Is their a song on the album that you guys feel is the best representation of the band or has the most meaning for you? (Feel free to elaborate on the reason you picked that one song.)

DANE: Musically, I think “Grin” is the song on the EP that best represents the band. It paints a picture. It’s dark, it rocks, it has groove, melody, atmosphere… it tells a story. It’s a very “Rain Light Fade” song.

SSL: I noticed the album sales at the cd release were donated to Stolen Youth, is their any personal connection to this charity, and feel free to elaborate?

DANE: In the past, we have donated to international charities. This time, we wanted to help where we live. So we have committed to giving $3 of every “Slaves and Sinners” EP we sell to StolenYouth, a local Seattle non-profit organization that we believe in.

SSL: What is the main point you hope people realize from listening to this album?

DANE: Well, most of all, we hope they like the music! But, more than that, we hope people will take the time to really experience this album front to back. We want the listener to hear the heartbeat of someone in pain and, hopefully, want to do something about it.

SSL: If you could tour with anyone, who would you want to tour with and why ?

DANE: Oh man, that’s a tough one… Probably Failure, Nine Inch Nails, or Alice in Chains. Why? Because we have a huge amount of respect for all of them.

SSL: Favorite album and why?

DANE: It’s a tie between “The Joshua Tree” by U2, and “Songs of Faith and Devotion” by Depeche Mode. Why? Because they’re both brilliant, front to back.

Slaves and Sinners by Rain Light Fade is available for purchase on iTunes: https://itun.es/us/OyLK6




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