Dream Big or Go Home; DREAMFEST 2015 is this Saturday night

Dream Big or Go Home; DREAMFEST 2015 is this Saturday night

DreamFest is the 3rd annual event brought to you by Mental Itch Records and CaviGold Records LLC, Seattle Sound Live had the opportunity to speak to Mental Itch Records and CaviGold Records, who is directly involved with the event and we wanted our readers to get a better understanding of what brought the dream alive to DreamFest. Louie Galarza of Louie G’s Pizza and Owner of Mental Itch Records has been a long standing member in the rock and roll community by constantly promoting charities through his venue, helping people behind the scenes or directly in support of many causes that hold a special place in his heart. Over the years, Louie G’s has sponsored more events at his music venue than I could possibly list in this article, from feeding the poor to providing toys to kids at Christmas time. It wasn’t a big surprise that we would see his efforts turn into something as large as DREAMFEST and this is simply the beginning of a beautiful thing to hit Washington’s music scene and you are all invited.

When asked how DreamFest began some 3 years ago, Amy Taylor (Creative Director/Event Coordinator of DreamFest and Vice President of Mental Itch Records) told me that it’s always been Louie’s dream to help the less fortunate that are in need. Louie’s quote and branding has always been “welcome to my dream, you’re all in it”. The inspiration behind DreamFest can also been seen as an indirect way of mentoring good will, by giving young upcoming musicians and bands a way of giving back to the community through their music.

Photo by "Iron" Mike Savoia

Photo by “Iron” Mike Savoia

According to Louie, the idea behind “DreamFest was also providing local bands with a bigger production, giving them a feel of the music industry on a larger scale and the idea of doing DreamFest in Spokane this year was bring Eastern and Western Washington’s music together, when I think of Spokane and its great music scene it just felt right to introduce it there and we will have 2 DreamFests a year, with the DreamFest (West) planned for New Year’s Eve. We have the best of the best in music this year and bringing them together for this cause just seemed right and bringing more awareness to the cause throughout the state would be a greater benefit to the camp, Camp Phoenix is located in Bellingham, Washington”.
Louie also wanted to mention that if it wasn’t for himself, “Scott McKinley, Amy Taylor and Eric at the Knitting Factory that this wouldn’t be possible this year. It’s my dream, but I can’t do it alone and I appreciate all of their help and support

DreamFest received some added support by CaviGold Records jumping on board this year, I asked Scott McKinley from CaviGold Records what it meant to him personally to be involved with DreamFest this year he said, “Music that makes a difference. Music that changes the quality of people’s lives. That’s why we do this. DreamFest is the perfect example of people coming together to have music make change. I love Louie Galarza’s dream and what he does with the music scene network and how he uses it to help improve the quality of life of people in need. I support that and everything this shows franchise represents and I am incredibly honored to have my label bands come aboard to play and share the Spokane event. Looking forward to this DreamFest and any future shows I get to be a part of with Louie”.

This year’s event will be in direct support of The Burned Children Recovery Foundation is a national recovery agency that has provided Emotional Support and Financial Aid to Burned Children and their Families since 1989. Amy Taylor met Michael Mathis, the founder of The Burned Children Recovery Foundation a few years back and introduced him to Louie and it immediately felt like a good fit, not only does the cause support burn victims locally but also provides assistance nationally through the United States. Michael Mathis is a burn victim himself so he knows exactly what burn victims are going through and has a unique way of providing support.

“The credibility of having walked in their shoes helps the children to trust and feel comfortable asking questions and seek support and understanding in dealing with personal difficulties. This support helps the children through the transition from victim to a survivor”.

11896270_811320548966937_7600148310990680995_oDreamFest 2015

September 12th in Spokane WA at the Knitting Factory

A night of rock and roll in direct support and benefit to the The Burned Children Recovery Foundation 

This year’s lineup is unbelievably full of amazing talent all brought to you on one stage at the Knitting Factory, you seriously don’t want to miss this night and it’s for a great cause.

CaviGold Records LLC and Mental Itch Music Group Present: DreamFest 2015 Spokane
Sept 12th Knitting Factory Spokane 6pm Doors
—Lineup for the night—
Project Kings – 7pm – 7:30pm –
December In Red – 7:45pm – 8:15pm –
Amadon – 8:30pm – 9pm –
EVERYBODY PANIC – 9:15pm – 9:55pm –
Mechanism – 10:10pm – 10:50pm
The Fail Safe Project – 11:15pm – Midnight –

Admission is FREE ticket is REQUIRED
VIP with private Bar and Bathroom available upon request

Help us raise money for the Burn Children Recovery Foundation and buy a DreamFest Spokane shirt at the show!!!

If you are unable to attend this year, please consider donating or buying a DreamFest shirt all inquiries can be directed to Amy Taylor at Amyt@Mentalitchrecords.com  and you can buy the shirts through PayPal at  louiegs@comcast.net  $20.00   Men’s sizes are M L XL XXL  & Women’s sizes S M L XL

The Burned Children Recovery Foundation Mission
We believe every burned child should have an opportunity to heal from both physical and emotional injuries. Our foundation strives to offer these children from all socio economical backgrounds these opportunities. With your financial assistance and support we are able to bring children (and family members) to Phoenix House for immediate support as well as provide children a Camp experience (Camp Phoenix) to meet other children and engage in meaningful learning and friendship environment.
Please visit their website here for additional information http://www.burnedchildrenrecovery.org/

DREAMFEST 2015 sponsors include Lookagram – T Barger Dirtworks – Spokane’s Rock 94.5 – Knitting Factory – Operation Ward 57 – Seattle Sound Live – Tacoma Fire Department – She’Jitsu Oklahoma and all of the personal donations that contributed – We Thank You!




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