Live Review: Macefield fest 2015

Live Review: Macefield fest 2015

IMG_1681-2With the continual uproar of corporate take over of some of our most beloved festivals, it is great to know that there are still plenty of local independent events celebrating the music and art of Seattle. Macefield fest continues the tradition set by Mrs Macefield, which was to never give in to the corporate entities. To fight and stand for what you love and believe is right. The festival took place over 3 days. These were some of the best bands of the event, which I saw.


This band just continues to get better and better. I am just not sure how much better they can get, they are already re-defining the music scene. They are a throwback to the gritty side of Seattle music, the grundge days. They combine great stage presence with amazing talent. Lara Hilgeman, has an absolutely breathtaking voice. She sings with a raw yet elegance voice which is almost unheard of in music. Did I mention they are a three piece? This band needs to be seen. If you get the chance, go watch them. You will be mesmerized. Oh and their album “Doris Rising” is an absolute masterpiece.

Fox and the law

The pure rock with blues infused guitar solos and heavy distortion. You could close your eyes, and swear you were in the late 60s, hearing some of the best rock bands. Led by Guy Keltner, who’s district vocals really separate this band from the others. There are other rock and blues bands but no one does rock like this. They are not bashful with the distortion and fuzz pedal. They are loud and want you to feel their music. If your looking for easy going music, this is not it. Fox and the law will leave you a little hard of hearing for a couple of days but it will be worth it.


Punk and metal at its purest form. They are raw, they are heavy, and they will leave you wanting more. This band is from Portland but this is a punk sound you just crave to hear. The singer sings with a in your face loud tone and will wail as loud as he can. This band is ready to have fun. They also make good enjoyable banter in between songs. Best song is “Soap Scum” which encapsulates their sound perfectly. Heavy power chords with full frontal vocals.

Prom queen

This is the band who just plays what they are good at, which is a sound they have mastered. Who says a indie rock band can’t be dark. They surround their music with dark undertones which seem to give a beautiful facade to their music. Once you pay attention to the lyrics you instantly recognize the dark, almost tortured emotions which are carried throughout their music. Leeni Ramadan is the singer who does not just sing, she recites a story which will leave any crowd in a comatose state yet it will leave you smiling. You will dance, you will cry, and you will leave, telling yourself, that is one of the best bands I have ever seen.

Macefield fest has established itself as one of the few festivals which has stayed true to what made Seattle great. With all the uproar of complaints of some our classic festivals changing. It is great to know that there are plenty of local festivals who will continue to stay true to Seattle and defy the establishments. Macefield fest, the music festival which celebrates what makes Seattle great.




Christian Hamilton

Christian Hamilton

Christian is the founder and Editor of Rock Paper Rock as well as a freelance concert and event photographer serving the Pacific Northwest and Beyond. He is a certified member of the PPA and Gold Level member of the CPS. He has recently began working with Mental Itch Records and has launched his own Photography website.

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