LIVE SHOW REVIEW: My Goodness at The Tractor

LIVE SHOW REVIEW: My Goodness at The Tractor

Another great night for music in Seattle. Slight drizzle, cold but that didn’t stop people from attending another great show at the Tractor in Ballard. Three bands performed but two stood out the most.

IMG_0578Crash Kings is a band from Canada who play with a very distinct style of music which is the perfect blend of rock and pop. They are led by the lead singer, Antonio Believeau, who has amazing an amazing vocal range. What was so intriguing is that they play without a guitar player but are still able to make it work. The band uses a crazy synth that sounds just like a guitar with a homemade whammy pedal. Their best song of the night was ,”Mountain Man.” This song incorporated the best of the band.

My Goodness is one of those bands that you just know will not disappoint. Their show was full of great showmanship by all the members and of course great music. They opened their set with “Letter to the Sun”. Three songs later, they tore through their most memorable songs of the night, “Come on Doll,” “Say you’re Gone” and “Check a Your Bones.” The singer, Joel Schneider, also announced that their entire set for the evening was all improvised on stage. Later in the set, they played a great cover of Tom Petty,”You don’t know how it feels.” Their cover took a light song and turned it into a heavy, in your face blues rock song. They ended their set with their classic hit,”Cold Feet killer.” After everyone was clamoring for more, they came back on stage and performed a new song, which was very good. Their new unknown song was very different from their other songs, where the melody is carried throughout the bass rather than the guitar. I love the direction they seem to be heading in their music, looking forward to their new album. They closed their encore with my personal favorite “Shiver and Shake.”





Christian Hamilton

Christian Hamilton

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