Playlist Seattle is prepping Volume III of plays inspired by Seattle music

Playlist Seattle is prepping Volume III of plays inspired by Seattle music

playlist III halfContinuing the series which began with Jimi Hendrix and most recently featured Ayron Jones and the Way, Playlist Seattle is prepping Volume III of plays inspired by Seattle music. This time, the ensemble focuses their dramatic interpretations on Alice in Chains and The Missionary Position. The show takes place on Tuesday, June 2 at the Ballard Homestead. The theatre artists will also be joined on stage by Jeff Angell, who will perform a special acoustic set to cap off the evening.

Playlist Seattle is the ongoing project of director Kelly McMahon, who founded the series as a way to connect the two artforms and communities. The first two Playlist shows highlighted this connection completely, with members of Strong Suit and Ayron Jones taking the stage to perform their songs as well.

“We’ve been very fortunate to have these fantastic musicians not only support the project, but especially be willing to be part of it,” McMahon says. “Having both pieces – theatre and music – on stage each night, really has taken the idea to the next level. We hope it’s something that will continue for all the Playlist shows going forward.”

And it is a trend that continues for Volume III, with Missionary Position lead singer Jeff Angell adding the music piece to the performance. Angell founded The Missionary Position along with keyboardist, Ben Anderson in 2009, adding drummer Michael Alex to round out the line-up and create live performances that are uniquely exciting and compelling. With music that has been described as moody and ambient, smooth yet edgy, funky with a nasty sense of humor, the band has become a favorite in Seattle’s local scene.

Without revealing the specific song choices, McMahon says that the Mish-Posish repertoire was especially inspiring for the ensemble. “As their fans know, both the music and lyrics of this band are very evocative, and that was a lot of fun for us to play with,” she says.

Working with the Alice in Chains cannon for the other half of the theatrical playlist, also presented interesting challenges.

“I made the decision to work from only the records released with Layne Staley,” McMahon says. “A lot of things went into my consideration of that, but ultimately it was a way to give us parameters, narrow the possibilities down. When we worked on the Jimi Hendrix Playlist, it became somewhat overwhelming because there are just so many songs. We still had a lot to choose from by restricting ourselves to early AiC, but it also gave us better focus and some tonal consistency as well.”

The songs that made it on to the Playlist this time around will be revealed on Tuesday, June 2 at 7:30pm. The show is at The Ballard Homestead (6541 Jones Avenue NW), a new music and community venue curated by Fremont Abbey Arts. Tickets are $10 advance/$13.00 at the door and can be purchased at For more information on the Playlist Seattle project, check out their website




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