Randy Hansen Interview and review; Spokane Pig out at the Park

Randy Hansen Interview and review; Spokane Pig out at the Park

Seattle Sound Live was in attendance at the 36th ANNUAL PIG OUT IN THE PARK in Spokane, WA over the weekend and met up with Randy Hansen. Randy Hansen is best known as an American guitarist, songwriter, artist, and occasional actor who is best known for his work contributing to the sound track of Apocalypse Now, the 1980 Academy Award Winner for Best Sound. He is also the founder of the “World’s First Rock Tribute Act” honoring Jimi Hendrix and plays guitar with Heart By Heart: Heart’s Rock and Roll Hame of Fame inductees Steve Fossen and Michael Derosier.

“Randy Hansen is one of the few players officially recognized by the Hendrix family, he has been successfully doing his act since the ’70s, stunning audiences worldwide as he channels the spirit of Jimi and perfectly recreates the stage presence and skill of the legendary axe man. Aside from his loyal fan base, Hansen’s guitar work is respected throughout the music business. He’s played alongside some of the greats, including Stevie Ray Vaughan, Steve Miller, Paul Rodgers, Herbie Hancock, and original Jimi Hendrix Experience members Noel Redding and Mitch Mitchell… Also original Band Of Gypsies members, Buddy Miles and Billy Cox”

Photo of Randy’s Missing Guitar

I only had a few minutes to talk with him while he was tuning his guitars before taking the stage. After a quick introduction, I immediately wanted to know if there was any leads on his missing guitar. On Sunday August 16th at Seattle’s HempFest his lefty Stratocaster disappeared. Randy mentioned that he hasn’t heard one word about its whereabouts and that he has been feeling the love for everyone that has put the word out and making posts on social media in regards to bringing it back to him. It is Randy’s favorite guitar and he hopes for its return, again no questions asked if anyone can locate it. Randy mentioned in a very sad tone that “I have to let go of it because if I don’t get it back, I can’t let it bum me out too much and whoever has it, loves it as much as I did”

One admirable thing I noticed is that for over 30 years, Randy has been crafting the Jimi Hendrix experience for fans worldwide and I asked him what it meant to him and if he felt an ultimate responsibility to keep his memory and his music alive?

“It’s not the music that I am keeping alive as much the message behind the music, is what is important to me. If I can turn people on to Hendrix enough that they may dig deeper than the typical hit songs he wrote because if you go deeper you will find all this kind of cool morality and a lot of love and everything and that’s what I love the best about it is…this guy was full of love and he cared about people and he deeply cared about humanity and the world, the planet, just all of it and trying to make everything the best possible, even when he had it so bad. But, to me my mission is to create interest and hopefully (drum check and inaudible) people like you will ask me questions and I get to answer them (laughing) and maybe someone will hear that and go …Who is Jimi Hendrix? I am just doing my little part, but Jimi does a good job all on his own, it’s just that I don’t think a majority of people really know his complete body of work. If you examine the whole body of his work it will take you a long time and at the end of it you will go… my god, how did this 27 year old guy become this wise…”

Before his time?

“Yeah, that’s what struck me, most 27 year olds don’t have the wisdom that was coming out of this guy, and most human beings don’t have that kind wisdom coming out of them as Jimi did”

Before I left the stage because another band was set to play, I asked about his lengthy tour schedule and his upcoming tour to Germany, you can find the schedule below. I exited stage left and went to secure my spot in the crowd before Randy went on.


Photo by: Alan Birdsell

He played at the Clock Tower stage, which might as well been the “Watch Tower” for the evening. The show was unbelievably full of energy, Randy doesn’t use a set list as the songs just flow from night to night. The crowd was pretty well charged up by the middle of the first song and second song Hey Joe, and as the 3rd song, Foxy Lady came on the crowd grew in numbers. It was an all age’s crowd from the very old man dressed in all blue, dancing like it was 1960, to the young hipsters hanging out with their parents, and the long haired hippies playing air guitar rocking out. It was magical and the sound was true to the Jimi experience, Randy shredded on guitar as the rhythm section blazed through on bass and drums.

The crowd was memorized by the stage performance and solo’s that Randy seamlessly pulled off in each song and just when the crowd got comfortable rocking along, you could see Randy stepping onto the speakers in front of the railings and crowd barriers, and eventually sitting and laying on the rails, guitar still in hand playing away and soon after he was right in the middle of the crowd, up close and personal. It was an awe and shock moment for those that never seen Randy and his engaging stage performance.

After a few more recognizable songs, Randy switched it up with Man in the Box by Alice in Chains and Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin which quickly followed with the classic Purple Haze. He played a few encore songs and that was the end of the show and was definitely a full blown Hendrix experience including all the legendary “axe-man” moves from throwing guitars up in the air, catching picks in mid-flight, playing with his teeth, to shredding with his foot. Again, it was just an extraordinary Jimi experience worth checking out.

Check out the Video from the show here

Randy’s next show will be at Jazz bones on the 18th , which is also the 45th anniversary of Jimi’s passing, I can only imagine that this will be a special show, you will not want to miss it.



Jimi Hendrix is widely regarded as one of the most influential electric guitarists in the history of popular music, and one of the most celebrated musicians and deeply missed. His musical influence carries on to each new generation and that is simply the remarkable beauty of his talent.

When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace – Jimi Hendrix


Randy Hansen Facebook & Website

Randy Hansen Tour Schedule
Sep 18 JAZZBONES Tacoma, WA
Sep 19 The Garage Bar & Grill Bremerton, WA
Oct 09 HEART BY HEART w/Randy Hansen on Guitar Kingston, WA
Oct 10 HEART BY HEART w/Randy Hansen on Guitar Kingston, WA
Oct 17 HEART BY HEART w/Randy Hansen on Guitar Ferndale, WA
Oct 29 Malzhaus Plauen, Germany
Oct 30 Quasimodo Berlin, Germany
Oct 31 Kulturhaus Stadtgarten Neuruppin, Germany
Nov 02 Alter Schl8hof Wels Wels, Austria
Nov 03 Backstage München, Germany
Nov 04 Colos-Saal Aschaffenburg, Germany
Nov 05 Musiktheater REX
Lorsch, Germany Nov 06
Scala Club Leverkusen, Germany
Nov 07 Schuhfabrik Ahlen, Germany
Nov 10 Object 5 Halle, Germany
Nov 11Downtown Bluesclub Otterndorf, Germany
Nov 12 Turock Essen, Germany
Nov 13 Jazzhaus Freiburg Freiburg Im Breisgau, Germany
Nov 14 Ducsaal Freudenburg, Germany
Nov 17 Alte Mälzerei Regensburg, Germany
Nov 18 Hirsch Nuremberg, Germany
Nov 19 Luxor Arnhem, Netherlands
Nov 20 Poppodium Gebouw-T Bergen Op Zoom, Netherlands
Nov 21 Gebouw-T Bergen Op Zoom, Netherlands

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