Rock the Cat’s Paw Fundraiser for the Wild Felid Advocacy Center of Washington

Rock the Cat’s Paw Fundraiser for the Wild Felid Advocacy Center of Washington

For the love of cats, the Wild Felid Center is a sanctuary to wild cats and is in need of improvements to the facility to maintain the quality of the habitat that these wild cats so rightfully deserve.  Not only does the center provide a home to these beautiful creatures, they also offer other services in education and conservation.

Denise Kinney Everett is considered as one of Seattle’s royalty and she is on a mission to fundraise for the Wild Felid Advocacy Center of Washington. Not only does she have a huge heart for animals but, also a deep connection to one of the centers main residents.

SSL – Hi Denise and Cortley, Thank You for taking the time to talk to Seattle Sound Live about your event “Rock the Cat’s Paw Fundraiser for the Wild Felid Advocacy Center of Washington”. Can you tell me about this organization?

Denise –WFAC provides a safe haven for wild felines (from lions to tiny Gordon cats) when their previous home (private owner, facility, or zoo) need a place for them.  Contrary to popular belief, captive wild cats cannot be released into the wild.  They are not psychologically or physically equipped to survive in that setting. At the Wild Felid Advocacy Center each wild cat serves as an ambassador for its wild cousins and provides valuable education that enables all wild cats their rightful place in this world.

WFAC Mission:
To provide a SAFE HAVEN for any wild cat finding itself in need
To provide EDUCATION for the proper care of wild cats in captivity.  To provide public education relating to wild cats in captivity and in their natural habitats worldwide
To monitor and assist in wild cat CONSERVATION efforts worldwide
To assist in ANIMAL WELFARE issues

SSL – Why is this fundraiser so important to you?

Denise –I have always been an advocate for the humane treatment of animals large and small. I became aware of this facility and their mission because my brother (Sean Kinney of Alice in Chains) has owned a Serval, Bagheera for several years.  Baggie as we affectionately call him, needed a new home after my brother moved and was unable to keep him.  Mark and Shelleen Mathews, owners of WFAC, welcomed Baggie into their facility.  WFAC is unlike anything I have ever seen, I can’t explain it you’ll just have to experience it for yourself.  Mark and Shelleen are making huge strides in the conservation and education of wild cats, and in turn giving you an up close and personal experience. All of their work is 100% volunteer based which makes this such a worthy cause.

SSL – What are the needs of the wild felid center currently?

Denise – 

1.) 45 foot x 95 foot habitat construction for five Eurasian & Canadian Lynx $6,800.00
2.) 40 foot x 80 foot habitat construction for six African Servals $5,600.00
3.) ADA compliant Honey Bucket (porta-potty) $2,500.00.  Puyallup, WA
4.) (100 each) 12 foot long 3-4 inch treated field fencing poles. 100@ $12.95 each = $1,295.00
5.) (5 each) 6 foot tall no climb field fencing 100 foot roll. 5@ $229.00 = $1,145.00
6.) (12 each) 6 foot x 6 foot chain-link gated panels. 12@ $184.00 each =$2,213.00
7.) (30 each) galvanized metal roofing panels 3 feet wide x 10 feet long. 30@ $27.00 = $810.00
8.) 225 each 6 inch x1/4 inch galvanized lag bolts. 225 @ .92 each = $207.00
9.)1 tub (25 pounds) 1 inch galvanized staple nails @ $54.00
10.) 1 tub (25 pounds) 2 inch deck screws@ $59.00
11.) (12 each) 6 foot x 8 foot cedar fencing privacy panels 12@ $29.00 = $348.00
12.)  12 spays and neuters through our Vet in Bremerton to also be accomplished this year including two Tigers spays.  Working on pricing.
13.)  Also, an educational building estimate will be accomplished in the next couple of weeks.

Please join us in a rocking night full of music, pizza and beer. This is an all age’s event. There is no cover to get in. You will get a free raffle ticket with donation at the door. The event will have something for everyone including Raffles, silent auction, door prizes. Performances include musical guests: Lester Crow, Those Guys, Lesli Sanders of the Prophets of Addiction, Rain Light Fade and special appearance by Dragon Steps and Fire dancers.

The list of Raffle items include   Assorted gift baskets; pet care, personal care, coffee and sports themed. Pink Slips memorabilia Trifecta (vinyl, CD, Cassette), How to be a Man autographed book by Duff McKagan, Tickets to MOHAI, Mike Starr (Alice in Chains) memorabilia,  Movie passes and a variety of glass art made by local artist.

Auction Items include Original signed art; Anna Hoey, Rebecca Miller, Decarlo, Coheleach, Autographed Alice in Chains memorabilia, Autographed Heart memorabilia,  4th row tickets to see Heart in concert, Ticket to Leavenworth on the Snow Train this holiday season. Paintings by Tonka the Bobcat. Original handmade jewelry by local artists plus a 16×20 signed giclee print of Sir Paul McCartney, limited series, one of 50 Donated by artist Rebecca Miller.

Check out all the “Rock the Cat’s Paw Fundraiser for the Wild Felid Advocacy Center of Washington” details below:

On Saturday, June 27   6:00pm – 11:00pm
Louie G’s 5219 Pacific Hwy E, Fife, Washington 98424
Facebook Event page with more info
For more information please check out their website at






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