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Seattle Sound Live had the chance to talk to Clear the Chaos while they are on the Extreme Tour. Clear the Chaos is a young local band out of Puyallup Washington with a pretty impressive history playing local venues and tearing up the scene. Their first video, “Auto” reached over 9,400 views on YouTube in early 2015. Check it out above.

SSL – Hi guys, how are doing? Do you have a show tonight?

Clear the Chaos – No, tomorrow we are Hagermon, Idaho right now

SSL – I seen your bio and it seems pretty long and extensive and you have been playing everywhere locally in Washington. So this is your first time out of Washington? Are you excited to be on the road?

Clear the Chaos – Yeah, it’s an awesome opportunity to not be in Washington, we love Washington but it’s good to get away.

SSL – I hear you, that’s the fun part of going out on tours you get to see different places! Can you describe the Extreme tour, is it extreme sports and extreme music or?

Clear the Chaos – It’s a faith based tour and outreach type of program for kids that would never step foot into church, it shows them that there are people that care about them. It’s a skateboarding and music event with all kinds of genres, we have rap artists, a DJ, an acoustic artist and a couple of bands. There is basically a little something for everybody.

SSL – That’s cool. Is it being held at churches or?

Clear the Chaos – The goal is for them to be at skate parks but if that doesn’t work out there are Universities and church parking lots. The idea is for at- risk kids that are hanging out at skateboard parks, we kind of show up and play. The message of the show is to let them know that there are people that have been in the same shoes as them. At least once per show, people come up and tell us what an impact we have made in their lives and that’s pretty special.

SSL – That’s so worth it and a way of giving back to the community.

Clear the Chaos – Like we have said before, it is faith based but the whole idea behind this organization is to show that not all Christians are the type that are going to shun you because you don’t fit a certain image. So, basically if you don’t fit the image or lifestyle that doesn’t mean that you don’t matter.

SSL – Right on!

Clear the Chaos – It touches a lot of people in a good way and it’s a cool thing to be a part of.

SSL – Sounds like a good thing.

Clear the Chaos – Yeah, it’s the first time out of Washington. So, it’s pretty exciting and we get to spread our name out there a little more and plant a seed with fans.

SSL – There you go, that’s the way to think about it, you guys already have an impressive list to add to that already, pretty remarkable! You guys are signed on with Mental Itch and some of you guys are in college?

Clear the Chaos – One of us is, Mason already finished college.

SSL – I am so impressed just by reading your extensive bio and you guys also have an album out already?

Clear the Chaos – Yes we do, it’s called Brothers and Sisters, it’s on Spotify and ITunes, pretty much all electronic media and we have hard copies as well.

SSL – What do you guys have planned after this Extreme run? Any plans?

Clear the Chaos – Pretty much the same thing we always do, practicing and playing local shows because Dalton and Braden will be back in school.

SSL – Right, September comes pretty quick.

Clear the Chaos – We are also thinking of doing some writing with Mason mostly because he is fairly new and possibly pump out some demos or something of that sort

SSL – So you guys are about ready to make a new album?

Clear the Chaos – Yeah, we are itching to get some new songs on recording, because we feel like our new stuff is a lot stronger and we have been growing as musicians since the album release.

SSL – Well, it looks like you guys are well on your way to success.

Clear the Chaos – Thank you!

SSL – I think it’s really cool that you guys are so young and still in college working on musical degrees

Dalton Rouse, Pacific Lutheran University, Sophomore-Music- Mason Fain, Musicians Institute graduate-Guitar Performance -Braden Merod, Emerald Ridge High School class of 2016 -Kirk Fitzroy, Pierce College

Clear the Chaos – Branden the drummer is still in high school.

SSL – Oh wow, that is amazing. So, is there anything you would like to say to your fans and the readers?

Clear the Chaos – Our sound is changing and we have a new guitarist Mason, he is really good and has a performance degree in guitar. If you haven’t seen us lately, it will be something different if you come see us again.

SSL – Well that’s a wrap, Thank you for taking the time to talk to Seattle Sound Live, have a successful run on the Extreme Tour and travel safety.

Clear the Chaos – Thank you.

Clear the Chaos Members
Dalton Rouse – Lead Vocals/Guitar 
Mason Fain – Lead Guitar/Vocals 
Kirk Fitzroy – Bass/Vocals 
Braden Merod – Drums
You can find information about the Extreme Tour Here
The Extreme Tour is an international tour that brings music, extreme sports, and a positive faith-based message to each city it visits in the form of a FREE event.

Remaining Extreme Tour Dates
August 20-21 Buhl, Idaho
August 22-23 Pendleton, Oregon
August 24-26 Vancouver, WA
August 27-28 Silverton, Oregon
August 29-30 Keizer, Oregon
August 31 – September 2 Woodburn, Oregon
September 3-4 Bingen, WA
September 4-6 Stevenson, WA




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