The Pop Rock Revolution in Seattle – Six Bands Leading the Charge

The Pop Rock Revolution in Seattle – Six Bands Leading the Charge

There is a new brand of music that is taking over Seattle. The days of the 90’s era of grunge that once dominated the city and the nation for that matter are long gone.  The glory days of “Generation X” have succumbed to the unavoidable musical midlife crisis and there, waiting in the wings, biding time and ready to grab the reigns is a more poppy brand of rock music. This is not to say that other genres of rock do not have their own prominent place on the stage of public opinion but rather that, “Pop Rock” has emerged as a new movement, a revolution if you will, within the local music scene and here are a few of the bands leading the charge.


We can start to see the who is leading the charge when we look at the Federal Way foursome named Amber Pacific. The band was formed in 2003 and just released their 4th Studio Album “The Turn”. Amber Pacific has amassed a huge fan base in an around the Puget Sound and beyond…



There is another band equally as POPular . This foursome has been making noise since 2003. The band no longer making just noise is now making tsunami sized waves and has gathered quite the following. The Classic Crime out of Seattle just released their latest record “WWDV1” which is available on ITunes and Amazon.


Mailing list:



The guys from True Holland set up shop in Tacoma Washington in 2011. Check out their video “Always Dying” and you can see that True Holland is defiantly in the forefront of the Pop Rock revolution.




Though now dealing with a change in their lineup, Moneta burst onto the scene earlier this year with their latest record, “The Only Constant”. You can hear exactly why Moneta should be considered one of the newest trend setters in the pop rock movement. The band formed in 2007 and has already faced its fair share of adversity but look for Moneta to overcome and blaze a trail for others to follow.




Peace Mercutio

Peace Mercutio has had a big 2014 so far including a national tour with Emery (T&N), This Wild Life (Epitaph), featured tracks on MTV’s Road Rules: The Challenge and Best Ink. The band has also received airplay on over 130 college radio stations around the country.


Founded in 2012, Kight released “Fight to Fly,” the debut record, on June 14th, 2014. Get your copy at





Christian Hamilton

Christian Hamilton

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