WINDOWPANE *Fan Premier Party* with Mechanism, Amadon & Lucky Machete

WINDOWPANE *Fan Premier Party* with Mechanism, Amadon & Lucky Machete

The long awaited return of one of the most dynamic bands in Seattle came to an end on June 14th, 2014 at Studio Seven. Windowpane spent the last 7 months on their new record and were attempting to hold off playing live again until its completion. It is lucky for us they band just couldn’t wait that long as their new record isn’t set to be released until sometime in the fall. So with the stars aligned, a magical night of musical mayhem was born. Windowpane treated the packed house to a sample of what their new record is and put it on the packed house with a pin point precise performance. Cannon’s voice never sounded better, it was pitch perfect, clear and concise leaving nothing to be desired. Abreu simply slayed the 6 string while he played to and electrified the crowd and the high energy Harris and Morrison was a sight to see.

“As of June 14th, it’ll be over 7 months since we last played this beautiful city, there is NO WAY the four of us could keep our sanity without playing a show for a day past!”







The night started out with the big sound of a band out of Seattle called Lucky Machete. Their self described Desert Rock/Sludge Rock sound was just what the Dr. ordered to get the crowd prepped for the night.  This was my first time catching Lucky Machete and I’m going to tell you, they put on a stellar show. Check these guys out for sure:



Amadon took the Studio Seven stage after the Lucky Machete set and, in what has come to be routine for the foursome, put on one of the best performance of the night. Amadon is quickly becoming one of the most recognized names in the local music scene. So much so that their performance at Studio Seven received accolades from The Men’s Room on KISW.

“Amadon, Now that’s a band I can really get behind”






Little to no introduction was needed for the next band. Mechansim is a mainstay in the Seattle Music Scene and they bring their “Horns Down”, in your face brand of hard hitting metal to every show they play. Mechanism has amassed a huge local following with their blistering, face-melting live performances.

mech (6 of 10)

mech (2 of 10)

mech (7 of 10)

mech (3 of 10)


It was a great night of local music leaving the hundreds of Seattle rockaholics on hand satisfied. Seeing bands of this caliber on the same card doesn’t happen very often and seeing a bands new record, not yet released, take on a life of its own right before your eyes is something that cant be described in words.





Christian Hamilton

Christian Hamilton

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