ENEMY REMAINS Streaming New Album “No Faith In Humanity” in Full

ENEMY REMAINS Streaming New Album “No Faith In Humanity” in Full

Global Music Award-winning heavy metal group ENEMY REMAINS are thrilled to share their entire new album, No Faith In Humanity, with fans on this day of critical historical relevance. ENEMY REMAINS have crafted an album inspired by the need to wake up, unite and regain faith in ourselves and others during this tumultuous time in our country’s history. The band cites No Faith In Humanity, which hit stores Jan 20th, as their personal contribution to social awareness.

In a band statement that weaves the concept of each track together, ENEMY REMAINS says;

“In a time when evil is on the cusp of rule, and darkness brews the sky a dark brimstone ash… it is in this hour that men and women, our “Colony” as a whole, find their true worth. Where we lay down our petty differences and join together in unity to fight a common enemy. Tyranny and persecution may be responsible for the coming together of man, but a longing for togetherness still leaves us all feeling “Empty Inside”. When the ability to “Trust In No One” has become so great and we are simply “Divided by Hate”, we know that tomorrow is not promised and we should feel grateful that we even get to “Breathe Again”. Having “No Faith In Humanity” forces us to stomp our feet down and say NO! We will not allow this to happen! That there are two kinds of people in this world: those that watch things happen and those that make them happen. A wise man once said that ‘we are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams’! Not putting our foot down in some way, shape or form would be a universal crime in itself, would it not? We’re taking this opportunity to use our music and voice to drive an idea, a thought, a reason to press on and move forward as we always have through hardship and turmoil, time and time again! As we speak of the lack of faith in humanity, we remind you that the gimmick… the punchline… the heavy hammer… is that we are the returning faith, and that we want you to join us and make this “Civilization” right again on this journey. For he who is not part of the solution is merely part of the problem.”

Leading up to its release, No Faith In Humanity charted as the #1 most added metal album at radio in the country at Metal Contraband, and #2 at metal radio in CMJ Loud Rock. These are considered the two leading radio trade publications.

No Faith In Humanity, is available to order now via iTunes. The album features pre-production by Jeffrey Weed (Trivium, Korn) and Maor Appelbaum (Faith No More, Sepultura, Halford). The album was recorded, engineered and mixed by Nick Bellmore (Toxic Holocaust, Jasta, Kingdom of Sorrow) at Dexters Lab Recording, and mastered by Chris Zeuss Harris (Rob Zombie, Queensrÿche, Hatebreed).

No Faith In Humanity track listing:
1. Colony
2. Trust in No One
3. Divided by Hate (feat. Nick Bellmore [Toxic Holocaust, Jasta, Kingdom of Sorrow])
4. Civilization
5. No Faith in Humanity (feat. Joey Concepcion [Armageddon, Dead By Wednesday] & Jeff Curtis [Obsession & StikPin])
6. Breathe Again
7. Empty Inside




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Christian Hamilton

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