THE THINGS THEY CARRIED To Release Debut EP, Melancholia

Revival Recordings’ The Things They Carried are set to release their debut EP, Melancholia, on Tuesday, June 23rd. Shawn Milke (Alesana vocalist, President of Revival Recordings) produced the EP alongside engineer Neil Engle (Dance Gavin Dance, Alesana, A Skylit Drive).   
Preaching a band philosophy that insists on the whole being greater than the sum of its parts, comes New York City’s own The Things They Carried (3TC). Born out of a need to take musicianship to a new level and establish themselves as self- proclaimed “nerd rockers,” 3TC, which formed in 2009, have solidified their lineup, honed their sound, and perfected an infectious live show that they feel knows no parallel.

After the band recorded and self released their debut full length, There’s Something I Can’t Tell Anyone, 3TC went back into the studio and unleashed their evolved sound, showcasing melodic clean vocals and more experimental song structures, to go along with their anthemic metal-core influences. Frontman Steve Schwartz felt like it was time to grow as a band.

Music, we believe, is about taking risks,” proclaimed Steve, “putting yourself out there and having people grab on to it.” With this new mindset, the band went to work on an EP, aptly named Jamais Vu. As a psychological term, Jamais Vu is the phenomenon of the familiar suddenly becoming unfamiliar, and the band warped their own familiarity into melodic soundscapes with a much more pronounced emotional intensity. Schwartz took his lyrical approach to a new level on Jamais Vu, with topics weaving in and out between lost love, family, and personal addiction. “There was no holding back,” adds Steve.

After several lineup changes, the band feels that they have found lasting members, along with vocalist and rhythm guitarist Schwartz, the band features drummer Jesse Burton, lead guitarist Ronnie Minuche, and bassist Eric Fornelius. The band had worked the New York City circuit for years, and in 2013, while playing as a local during an Alesana headlining tour, 3TC caught the eyes and ears of Revival Recordings President, Shawn Milke. “When I started the label a few years back,” adds Milke, “I was looking for a band that exhibited the whole ‘music first, acclaim second,’ type of attitude. The members of The Things They Carried are the definition of artists and bring an incredible passion to the Revival family.” Milke brought them into the fold at Revival Recordings, and after touring with Alesana in the fall of 2014, the band worked with engineer Neil Engle (Dance Gavin Dance, Alesana, A Skylit Drive) at Adelaide Recording Studios in Raleigh, NC to record their upcoming EP to be released in the summer of 2015. The EP, entitled, “Melancholia,” promises to highlight 3TC’s burgeoning sound as well as newer influences derived from each member and the relationships that have come from their ongoing tour experiences.

Armed with a growing and passionate fan base, management and record label representation, and their 2015 “Melancholia” EP release, 3TC is poised to use 2015 as a means to take their sound from city to city, furthering their reach and tapping into their vast potential.




Christian Hamilton

Christian Hamilton

Christian is the founder and Editor of Rock Paper Rock as well as a freelance concert and event photographer serving the Pacific Northwest and Beyond. He is a certified member of the PPA and Gold Level member of the CPS. He has recently began working with Mental Itch Records and has launched his own Photography website.

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