DAVE ABBRUZZESE: Arrest Warrant Issued For Former PEARL JAM Drummer

DAVE ABBRUZZESE: Arrest Warrant Issued For Former PEARL JAM Drummer

There is an arrest warrant issued for Dave Abbruzzese according to Denton County Crime Stoppers. Abbruzzese, who played drums for PEARL JAM from 1991 until 1994 is wanted in Texas on charges involving controlled substances.

The charges date back to September 26, 2014 and include possession of a controlled substance for an amount under 28 grams, a Class A Misdemeanor punishable by a maximum of a year in county jail and a $4,000 fine. The second charge, for “manufacture or delivery of substance” is a first degree felony which carries a sentence of between five and 99 years in prison.


Abbruzzese was recently quoted in the book “Everybody Loves Our Town A History Of Grunge” in regards to his departure from the band.


“I got home and Mike [McCready, guitar] called and Jeff called. I think it was difficult for everybody in the band, except for the one person I never spoke with after that, which was Eddie. The only time I ever had two words with Eddie since I got fired was two or three years later. I was sitting with Alain Johannes from ELEVEN on the curb after a Chris Cornell show in Seattle, and Eddie came up to us. He said, ‘Dave Abbruzzese,’ and kinda put his arms out in greeting, because he couldn’t hide from me. And I stood up and realized how much shorter he was than I remembered. I think it was a one-armed hug. He started rambling and tried to join in our conversation, and he ended up toddling off. There was a little part of me that would’ve loved to clobber him and another part of me that felt like I already had, just by the fact that I could still sleep at night and I was still proud of everything that we accomplished.”






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