Scott Stapp posted a lengthy status to the Creed Official and Scott Stapp official Facebook page at approximately 10:45 p.m. yesterday evening. Stapp addressed the news stories that have been reported about him that started on November 26th and escalated into spy-movie status today with the accusation that he threatened the life of President Obama, was delusional, claiming to be a member of the CIA and more. Have a look at what he wrote.



Lets dive into the nitty gritty here as it was reported on Rock Revolt Magazine yesterday. The Editor over at Rock Revolt makes a significant case in point and asks you to do one thing really and that is to think and we here at Seattle Sound Live commend Valerie King for her stance here. It is not often you find a news editor in any capacity willing to say “Go elsewhere if you want drama and speculation” and that is exactly what King did here. Lets see how this all plays out in the end but until then, Think… Here are King’s comments:

The latest allegations came via a month-old 911 tape made to Palm Beach County, Florida dispatch by Scott Stapp’s wife and her sister that was released via TMZ today.


Please read the MONTH OLD part again. Thank you. This is not BREAKING NEWS, people. It didn’t happen today. It is hearsay from parties that may have the best of intentions, or possibly the worst. Regardless, it is “news” that should not have been sensationalized by some of the biggest music news outlets, newspapers or news agencies in the world as fact.


Why? Well, let’s really THINK about it, shall we?


1) If Scott Stapp had made a serious threat on the life of the President of the United States of America – over one month ago – he would have been hunted down like a dog and put in a mental institution. This is the most important fact, so let that sink in.


2) The allegations heard that Stapp threatened the President’s life, believed he was a CIA agent and more were reported to 911 by Jaclyn Nesheiwat-Stapp and her sister Hayat Nesheiwat. By the way, the Stapp’s are in the middle of a nasty divorce. But…ok…if all of that is true, then it was absolutely right that they called the police! My GOD! He should be committed! The man is CRAZY! Right?


3) Scott Stapp called 911 at the same time. Listen: Here is his 911 call.


4) Does he sound CRAZY? No. He sounds pretty calm for a guy that just rode a bicycle over to his home where his children live and found out his soon-to-be-ex-wife sold had sold his truck and kept the money.


5) Police officers that arrived at the scene found Scott Stapp to be of sound mind. He showed no signs, nor did they observe any signs of mental instability…so they let him go. They knew what his wife and sister-in-law were alleging. They questioned him about it and felt confident enough to let him ride off into the sunset on a bicycle.


6) “We are aware and we’ll take appropriate action,” Secret Service spokesperson Nicole Mainor told People Magazine. That’s pretty much a big yawn from the Secret Service, because the Secret Service doesn’t mess around. They are on the ground and questioning people who make serious threats immediately. Again, they’ve had a month. We don’t think they’re concerned, but we shall see.


All we’re asking you to do is THINK ABOUT IT. The Palm Beach County Police didn’t believe Scott Stapp to be a threat to himself, others and certainly not President Obama. They let him leave without incident.


As for a Florida judge ruling today that his wife was granted full custody of their children and home on a temporary basis, we could not get an official confirmation and no paperwork has been filed online as of this writing. We will all just have to rely on that leak at the Clerk Of Court that TMZ has in their pocket for now.


Stay tuned for more updates as they come in. There’s more to this story, as we’ve known all along, and we will find out the truth. If you want sensationalism, speculation and a digital public-lynching, sorry, but you will have to find that elsewhere.


By: Valerie King, Co-Founder/Editor in Chief




Christian Hamilton

Christian Hamilton

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