Canadian exports THE WILD! have debuted another all new track today titled “Livin’ Free”. “From livin’ life without a care in the world to growin’ up and grindin’ out that 9 to 5, nobody loves that transition in life but we all go through it at some point,” says frontman Dylan Villain.

But lemme tell you something, man. Age is a fuckin’ state of mind and ‘Livin’ Free’ is about just that. This is a song for the young punks comin’ up that are still figuring it all out & the rowdy old guns still havin’ the time of their fuckin’ lives. Your outlook on life is everything and this song says it all. You gotta love it! Livin’ how you want it. Always stay livin’ hard and livin’ free.”

The Wild! will release Wild At Heart on February 17, 2017 via Entertainment One (eOne). Villain adds, “This record is a big one for me. All of us, man. I really had to go through some shit to get things right on this one. I can honestly sit here today & tell you that we made the best record we possibly could. I’m proud as hell of it and I can’t wait for all of you to hear it. It’s everything I wanted it to be.” The tracklist and artwork is also available below.



1. Ready To Roll
2. Livin’ Free
3. White Devil
4. Another Bottle
5. Best In The West
6. Six Hundred Sixty Six
7. Rattlesnake Shake
8. Run Home
9. Down At The Bottom
10. Kansas City Shuffle




The Wild! just wrapped up supporting tours with both Airbourne, Sebastian Bach and Buckcherry and will be announcing more tour dates very soon. 

Full listings will be added to The Wild!’s Website




Christian Hamilton

Christian Hamilton

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